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What happened to 1800-vending.com?

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I called 1800-vending.com after viewing their totally changed website content today.

I spoke with the receptionist first, she told me that I should talk to Doug Barker about the changes to their website and their whole new vending strategy. After talking to him, I was told that they will still service, sell and have all the parts for the 1800-vending machines. He also said that I would still have access to my account with them, (That's the one I got when I bought their machines).

He said they are now focusing on soda/snack combination machines. That's funny because they originally told me that bulk vending was the only way to go and that full-line vending was not where the money was. Well, I guess it's where the money is now. Anyway, he also told me that they are developing a new website for their triple-head machines but it was not finished yet. He told me it was for newbies only and not for anyone that already has their machines. What's that all about???

Finally, if you have bought from them before. and you have a username and password, the support link can be found at the following.


If you really need parts, I would be happy to help you out. Just PM me with your questions. I have no connection with 1800-vending.com. I just have a username and password to their site.


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