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Respect your elders!


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This is going to be an easy contest that should provide us all with some sweaty palms!

This contest is all about recognizing the members who have been on board the longest, or our "elders" so to speak.

Each member has a date in their profile that represents their "join date" The 2 members to post here with the oldest "join date" will win a prize.

This contest reminds me of the feelings I get when bidding on an eBay auction. I am excited when I'm winning but I am always wary of that last minute sniper who comes to outbid.

This contest could literally be anyones contest to win. It just depends on who happens to be here to post their entry.

Prizes for this contest are....

  • Oldest poster by join date gets a location from MidWest Locators. $55.00 value.
  • Second oldest poster by join date gets a free initial year of Vend-Trak. $49.95 value.
Good luck and I hope you newer members don't get "sniped" :D



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The results are in and the 2 eldest members to check in are...

  • Guth Vending - 07/24/2007 member #8. Location from MidWest Locators.
  • vendalo - 07/24/2007 member #11. Free year of access to Vend-Trak.
Congrats guys!



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