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Charter Member Door Prize


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Welcome to the Charter Member door prize drawing! To participate in this drawing, simply post your birthday wishes, or anything else for that matter, here. Your post will represent your entry into the drawing. Only 1 post (entry) will be allowed for each Charter Member

As a reward for your Charter status, only designated Charter Members are allowed to participate in this drawing. That narrows the field considerably  giving each of you a better chance to win.

At the end of the day, I will randomly draw the winner using the post numbers.

The prize for this drawing will be your choice of the following two prizes...

  • Dentyne Ice OR Certs machine from SuperPro. This comes with stand, product of choice (DI or Certs), shipping,  AND a location from MidWest Locators. $194.00 Value.
  • $100.00 credit at A&A Global.
The prize that is not chosen here will be given away in the "All In" drawing.

Good Luck!


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Vendiscuss is a great site. I have enjoyed the time spent, the people, and all the great posts. It is hard to believe one year!

Steve, congratulations on your success. You have made a wonderful site here.

Vendiscuss, Happy Birthday!  This is a one of a kind site, that you cant find anywhere else!


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Hello to everybody:

                                 Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Vendiscuss and for all of us for being part of this school and fraternity. I wish success and happiness for every body.

    Thank you vendiscuss for giving us the space to learn and the tools to be prepare for Vending.

    Thanks to all of you because I learn and have a little of every bodies knowladge.


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Happy Birthday VENDiscuss! Its been said before in other places, but I'll say it here: "People helping People". Thats what Steve has brought together here. I've seen many people new to the industry  come here and been helped by those who have gone before them and then turned around and helped others themselves. I'm proud of this forum and happy to be a small part of it. Tom

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Hey, what great news. I am a winner. Congratulations to me! :)lol

Steve, I would like to donate this prize to the next contest you create. I have not been in a position to become a supporting member yet, so please let me offer this certificate back to the forum as a token of my support and thanks for the efforts you have put forth on our behalf.


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Ted must be something about us Canucks, I did the same yesterday when I won an e-bay spot prize. Congratulations on your win, and the support you have shown for Vendiscuss both as the prize donation and all of your well thought out posts.


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