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Twist and Crimp


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 I was looking at this http://theatmstore.com/product_info.php?cPath=28&products_id=111 and really like what I see. I know I won’t need the sorters for bulk candy, however; I will won’t other machines at some point (pop and snack).

Right now the only things I think I could use are the counting tubes, rolls, and the twist and crimp.

My question is about the "Twist and Crimp". Has any one used one? If so what do you think about them?

My bank will not take loose coin, all coins must be rolled. (I know that is strange but the way it is). I already have the counting tubes (use them all the time.). I could save some money and just buy the twist and crimp through there web page for only 2.95 plus shipping http://www.twist-n-crimp.com/

So what do you all think? Are they any good?


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Well that was not what I was thinking about but heck its a good idea.

I didn't think about crossing over to the casino. That is what I will do. They will cash me out no problem. We even have a free boat that runs here so I don't have to take my boat.

Good link thank you.

I still wouldn't mind knowing what the rest of you think about this.

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My bank gives me the flat wrappers for free and I just fold the wrappers in. I like the coin tubes. I don't have any yet since I can still count by hand and don't make enough money to warrant the purchase. 

I don't know whether or not it is normal for a bank to charge to count loose change. My bank charged me to pull money out of my checking account without writing a check so I am leaving them. Local banks seem to be a lot friendlier when it comes to things like coin counting and free wrappers. If your bank doesn't give you free wrappers, then I would leave them and go to a different bank. When they ask why you are leaving them, tell them. They will either say "OK," or they will start giving you free wrappers. Either way, you win.


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Yea my bank gives free wrappers. I like the casino idea though becouse I can just get cash from them. I don't plan to set up another acount. I already have one buisness and I will just use this account. I don't plan on writing many checks. Even if I have to pay a % I will do so with our current account and just add the secound buisness name on the checks (bank already approved).

I already have tubes so that makes life a litle easyer.


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Believe it or not guys, some casinos are beginning to charge for coin counting same as banks. Everyone is going to ticket in/ticket out so eventually, no more coins.

Desert Gold, my bank charges for coin counting but if you open a business account, you can get large plastic bags that hold $500 dollars in quarters and this service is free. Perhaps your bank has a similar offer?



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