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One of these things is not like the others!


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Below are several VENDiscuss logos that have been at the top of our forum at some point throughout the last year. Among all these logos is 1 logo that never appeared on our forum. Your job is to figure out which logo has not been our official logo at any time.

 Each member has only one guess. PM your guess to me by sending me the post number of the logo you feel is not like the others. At the end of the day, I will randomly draw one guess from the correct guesses to be the winner.

The prize for this contest is: Yearly dues to the wholesale club of your choice. $35.00 value.

Good luck!


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Here's your line-up! Good luck!

1. Posted Image

2. Posted Image

3.Posted Image

4.Posted Image

5.Posted Image

6.Posted Image

7.Posted Image

8.Posted Image

9.Posted Image

10.Posted Image



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Oh, Just to let everyone know, the logo never used was logo #2.

I believe we had 4 correct answers. I will post up all the info and draw a winner tomorrow.


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The results are in and G-man422 is the winner of this one!

As I said earlier, #2 was the logo never used. Here is what everyone who voted thought.

#2 received 4 votes

#5 received 6 votes

#8 received 1 vote

#9 received 3 votes

#10 received 4 votes

#11 received 2 votes

Congrats Gabe!


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