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I tried the "gourmet" gumball approach a fews ago and got mixed results.  First, I tried offering special flavors (green apple, black cherry, grape) on a stand-alone basis.  Second, I tried mixing a "special brew" of assorted flavors, Blots and Fluit Stand.  Neither approach generated significantly more revenue on a consistent basis, but it did not hurt revenue either.  It did however, create a decent revenue spike in the beginning (much like 2-fers), but then it dropped back down to the "pre-gourmet" level of revenue after 4 months.  So for me, the extra time and hassle of mixing and paying more for the special flavors was not worth while.  I now just do assorted gum and leave it at that.  Had another vendor tell me the same thing after buying a pallet of Fruit Stand - he said he will not do that again.  I guess people will just get bored of any flavor after a while.  What is most important is to offer fresh, glossy gumballs and not let them get stale or faded in the sun.


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Like Jax, I tried using the gourmet gumballs.  I tried Fruit Stand and Splats!.  Both did well for awhile, but even my kids didn't like the FS, and I've had location owner ask for a different flavor when I had them in there for a few months.

I now use Ford's Carousel exclusively.  I think it's better than Double Bubble.  It only costs me $19 a case with free shipping.  It might cost about $1.50 more per case than DB but it saves me from having to go to Sams and pay the yearly membership.  And it gets delivered right to my door.

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I thought of something else while reading this thread.

We recently watched a show on the Food Network about the National Candy and Confectionary Show, or something like that. It takes place every year in Chicago.

They made the comment that one of the biggest trends with kids this year is stuff that makes their tongues change colors. Like blue, red, or green, etc...

I wonder if the "Painterz Mouth" Gumballs would be a good seller right now?

Gumball Machine Factory has 'em for $21.99 + S&H.

If I was a kid I'd buy 'em.

Just a thought.



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