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Melting Point


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Well being that I am going to need to get some machines out there really soon I have a question for you all.

Being that I live in the desert and some places turn off A/C at night what would be some good candy for the summer months? Has anyone done anything to figure out the melting tempture of different types of candy?

EDIT: Just had another though. I may put questionable candy in a zip lock back change area. If it melts I know its a no go if it doesn't then I can add. What do you think?

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I've had gumballs melt in the car while servicing when it was over 115 outside. I'm sure it was over 120 inside the car.

I know it gets a bit hotter in your area than here in Phoenix but most businesses don't get over 100 here at night. I do however use a cooler while servicing machines in the summer.

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Ok Guys,

I had skittles melt in an xyz triple so I changed to a Vendstar and one month later they were melted as well.I live in central Florida where the temp gets to 100 but over the weekend it had to hit at least 150,its a plant nursery so I removed the machine altogether.


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