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Source for new bulk machines


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I am wondering where there is a good source of bulk machines.  I prefer double heads.  I have been using Seaga Millenia.    However, I am willing to try other machines.  I have had trouble w/ their coin mechs.   Any suggestions would be helpful.

Enjoy your day!!!


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I have found the best place to look is E-Bay and Craigs list if you are considering used machines.

I have had pretty good luck with this..there are sllers out there that will offer stuff in "less than perfect" condition....and call it good...This is something to consider...

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Only machines worth buying are:


XYZ Vending (Block Triples only)

OAK (Vista 300)



A&A Global (2" vendors, PN95, or PO89 small globe/or panel)



Northwestern (2" only)

Beaver (Good machines, supposed to be the best, I would never use)


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