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It is a nice concept but the leaning will have a bearing on sales. It will have those who love the feel of a bike with all the comforts of a car. It will also have those who hate the leaning. I prefer my two wheels in the front like this one. http://www.aptera.com/ It costs right about the same as the one you posted and is made in CA.

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Johnny: The back seat folds for extra storage and there is another rear storage, and you can add and small storage at the top, plus I think type of car because the expensive gas, it is going to be 2 models: electric and the other Hybrid 100mpg.

Beer980: I saw the aptera before, I like the Venture One better because of the concept, its like driving a motorcycle plus has the tilting system for more stability and it is more fun to travel, the aptera it is like a car concept.


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