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Buzz Bite Clone - The Energiser!

Jax Snacks

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Just saw this ad on CL.  Looks like these energy biz-ops are coming out of the wood work.  Check out their wild machine!  Certainly not promoting this, but expect more of them to come!  Oh Well, competition is always a good thing I guess - even for biz-ops!  Will "The Energy Ball Wars" saga soon follow??!!

Here is the ad, buyer beware.....

Do you want to earn $106,000.00 plus per year and work only 3 to 4 days per month?

The ENERGISER Program can turn that DREAM INTO REALITY for you.

For Example:

If you owned 100 ENERGISERS and each two headed ENERGISER averaged $52.00 per head per month (only 1 sale per day average per head on a 26 day month) your gross annual income sales would be $124,800.00

Deduct 30 cents product cost per vend times 62,400 vends per year equals $18,720.00 and that leaves you a gross net profit of $106,080.00

With the Charity connection you shouldn't have to pay any commissions to the locations where the ENERGISERS are placed.

To achieve this remarkable income your 100 ENERGISERS would have to average only 1 sale per ENERGISER Profit Center Head per day on a 26 day month.

If you take advantage of Vendmax's Expansion Finance Program 50 of your ENERGISER machines would be financed by Vendmax on a 48 month INTEREST FREE LOAN.

Honestly can you find a better more profitable Business Opportunity anywhere else?

Email today more more details leads@bestfranchisebiz.com


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This machine looks different. Different is good, as it will attract quarters. Saying that each machine does 1 vend per mech, per day, is not off. Most of my doubles will do 1 per mech, per day.

Saying it will do, 20 or 30 per mech, per day, in an average location would be off.

This ad is not as misleading as most are.

Thanks Jax for posting this. It's nice that you are making VENDiscuss members aware. You get my vote.


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It would be interesting to find out how much they are charging per machine. That $7000 minumum seems steep but how many do you get? Wanna bet you don't get that magical 100 machines for that. I tried to dig deeper and they have been in the BBB since 1995 with no complaints in the last 36 months. So it looks like a BizOp but it is hard to tell how bad of a BizOp it is. It looks like it is .75 a vend with 2 pieces per vend in caps. "If accepted as one of our Distributors you can secure as much territory as you want based on that ratio of 25 Energisers per 100,000 population." Too bad you can't just buy one machine to try it out. I would try one if the price were reasonable. Just don't let Tbird Johnny see those machines. He will jump right in with all that chrome.

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For a follow up I sent them an email and it really smells Biz-Op. Here it the reply below from them. FYI you can get 5 machines for $750 each or 10 machines for $700 but they do come with product. It looks like each head will hold 175 vends or 350 per stand. That gives it a long ROI with 9,400 vends to recover the initial investment. Plus however much refills will cost. I would say stay away unless you have some money burning a hole in your pocket.

"Thanks fror your interest in our Energiser Business Opportunity.

For the $7,000.00 you receive 20 heads on 10 stands or 10 Energisers filled with product for a retail sales value of $2,620.00 when the machines fully empty.

I can accomodate your request for fewer machines and will propose a 5 pack for $3,750.00 US Funds delivered to your door.This should be suficient for your testing purposes.

All the extras that are normally included with the Pkg "A" will come with the 5 pack but of course in lesser proportion to the fewer machines.

If you want a hard copy Marketing Plan & Samples let me know and I'll send you a package out by Fed Ex for your review."


Tom Semeniuk


Vendmax International Inc.

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Tom Semeniuk


Vendmax International Inc.

Tom is in Winnipeg, Canada. He is a very busy man, snowmobiles, all terrains and Vending too. Hmmm Biz-op or not (in the bad sense). Kind of like his sales in 2000 85% international. Hmm supplies my favorite vending software too Vend Magic! (sarcasm)

A Google search and all this came up.






#7 Vendmax International Inc. $600,000 $3,500,000 483% 6 12 Tom Semeniuk Mfg. Candy Vending Machines 1997






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