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Location's with benifits


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With the low cost of virtual hosting I was thinking about doing something different. You can get a branded hosting package for around 25 a month.

I would offer all my locations say .25gb (250 meg) of disk space and 2.5gb of data transfer per month. There would be a free site builder they can use. I would inform them that there is limited support for this offer. I would have their site an extension of mine unless the following situations accord. They could purchase a URL from me at a low price, or if the machine had a certain number of vends then I would come in and thank them for there support of my machine and tell them I have chosen there location to receive a free URL. They would have no idea that it was because of sales.

My thinking is that they will won’t to show off their new webpage to all their friends, especial business owner friends. They would tell them they got it for free or just for letting me place my machine at there location. 

My hopes is that I would get called by the others they told and get even more locations for my machines.

What do you all think? Would this work? Why or why not? 


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I think it may work for some but it is not for everybody. It is like adding another business to your business. Some places may go for it but others may say they don't need or already have a web site. If you have the time to invest, see how it goes and let us know along the way. It may be a new direction for some or just a tried idea that didn't pan out. It can't hurt to try another way of getting locations.

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I think I will wait to offer this til I get at least 10 GOOD locations. I will also tell them that this is for one year only and that at the end of the year the offer will no longer be offered. This will give me a chance to back out later if it should flunk. It would take a year of paying if it doesn't work but I would be able to prity much live and learn.

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