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Vendstar now vends wrapped candy


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Am I the only one who received an email advertising that Vendstar can now vend reese's peanut butter cups and peppermint patties?  I always wanted to do this but I have never had good luck with Vendstar machines.  Any comments???




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I didn't get an email, but I checked their web site.

The Vendstar 3000 will not vend wrapped candy.

They now have a Vendstar 4000 model. It is a customized 3000. The housings are available in 3 different colors. Red, blue, or green. The coin mech, and delivery chute, along with the spill tray, etc... is still gray.

The new Vendstar 5000 model advertises, "New Distinctive Design, Dispenses Individually Wrapped Candy, Dispenses 1 1/4" Gumballs, Bouncey Balls or Toys".

It looks like a nice machine, slightly wider than the older models, and it also looks like they have upgraded to metal coin mechs on the 5000.

Of course no prices.

Hmm, can't wait for these to start hitting eBay and Craig's List! :D



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