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Well I thought I might get a few replies but no one has any ideas? Here was my list on titles and one liners.

REALITY – A reality show filming in a tropical area where the contestants start disappearing. (Thriller)

DARK ARROW – An arrow shaped key with strange powers leave more questions then answers. (Mystery)

THE PROMISE – Two Geocachers stumble upon loot/treasure map from a stagecoach robbery in west Texas & make a pact. (Modern Western or Adventure)

BEER :30 – Guys go to a club/bar after work & are used for net porn then disappear. (Thriller or Horror)

GLITCH – A girl struck by lightning transforms into a hybrid human/energy being. (Mystery)

THE AUCTION – A serial killer sells items from a victim over the Internet and leads to newer victims. (Suspense or Action)

CAUSE & EFFECT – Soldiers in the desert find a device that lets them rewind to a different part of their life. (Adventure)

BLUE RIVER CANYON – Campers discover a rumored blue mist that forever changes their lives. (Drama or Adventure)

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Well I am involved in working on a movie. It is a new concept in filming a major motion picture. The project has been fully funded and now a story idea needs to be chosen for the movie. I know I did not explain it in the initial post but there were no ideas put forward either. I thought the deadline for ideas had passed but they have extended it so I threw it back out there. I can go into it more if you want to PM me to explain it all to you.

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