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Sticker / Temporary Tattoo Machines


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Do you all have any specific recommendations regarding sticker/tattoo machines?  How are the A&A ones?  I'm wondering if I should consider starting out with stickers in addition to 1" capsuled toys & bouncy balls.  What is a realistic margin per vend with stickers and temp tattoos assuming one doesn't go out and purchase a pallet right away? :)


I've just about got a plan together to make my first purchase and I would like to get off to a good start before I start going hog wild.



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A&A's machines are GREAT.


I recommend trying to buy used if you can find them.

The news ones are expensive.


Adding flat product is a very good idea if you are already going to do balls/toys.

Those are your basic needs for a rack.


If you forget everything else, remember this: FOCUS ON TEMPORARY TATTOOS over stickers.

Tatt's will outsell stickers in almost every location.

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Given the difference in margin between candy and toys/balls/tattoos/etc I am pretty committed on no candy, at least at this point in time.  Thanks for your insight on all the threads I've asked on - having advice from a lot of folks who have actually walked the walk in this business is invaluable.


Regarding the used - I've trolled Craigslist for weeks now and the only thing I've seen in my area (within 100 mile radius) are used Vendstars going for $80/head minimum.  Yeah.....gonna pass on those :)

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