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Well I put my AA machine in today. I learned something realy important "NEVER PLACE A MACHINE WHERE YOU CAN WATCH IT". I knew that I wouldn't get anybuisness due to who was booked. I also know that I will not be selling the toys every day. My hopes are that there will be some that keep putting in q's tell they get what they wont. When you can watch your machine you are eager to see it being used.

Well even though I didn't expect it to get any use today I was surprised. One of our customers did use it. They used it twice infact. What realy shocked me is she was probaly 80 years old. She wanted  a puppy that looked like hers (Damn she got it on the secound try). So it did sell some today. When she asked for q's for the machine I had her sighn the first q so now I have that with its signiture and I have it for display. My first q made in vending ever I am sooo proud of that little peace of metal.

PS. Just sent in application for my non profit. I will have the other machines placed as soon as I get my stickers. So now I can say I am a vending machine operatore. Before all I could say was I was working on it.

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I learned something realy important "NEVER PLACE A MACHINE WHERE YOU CAN WATCH IT".

You're a vendor! Congrats to you.

One of my machines (my first) is at a restaurant where we eat every Sunday.

I don't watch it very much though--only about, oh, every 14 or 15 seconds or so. I like to check to see if:

a) someone has used it

B) the machine has moved

c) of neither of the above, the gumballs have moved

It's slight obsession :P

I think it would be fun to watch who uses it. Maybe I'll install a hidden camera...

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