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Thank You/Getting Excited


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We (my wife and I) are about to place our first machine on Tuesday and will then place our second on Thursday. The following week we'll place another 10.

I wanted to say thanks to everyone on this board as you all gave me lots of information and made the job much easier.

FYI, the first two machines we located on our own and the other 10 we used Midwest for. We also have a 13th machine we'll be placing in a bar later this month (my wife's brother located this for us). Lastly we have another 2 "possible" locations we need to follow up on next week.

I got the name of Midwest from these boards and so far I am extremely happy. It seems like they got us good locations, but time will tell :)

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who took the time to post such good information.


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Congratualations Kevin! Keep locating while you have the wave of momentum. I find I have been much more successful if I will ride the momentum wave out rather than trying to recreate later after I have gotten majorly sidetracked.

Excited for you!


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