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The perfect Charity sticker program.


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If you were to describe to me the perfect Charity sticker program what would it include?


I have been thinking of starting  Vending routes run by volunteers to help support our non-profit but a couple of you veterans suggested starting our own Charity sticker program instead.  At the end of my post I will explain why we are  a good cause but here I want your input on what you would want in a charity sticker program that you would use.


Here are some of my ideas but I am an outsider to the business and they may not be good ideas.


1. We would put a picture of an adorable orphan on the sticker, maybe holding a sign that said thank you.

2. We would put a link to a web page that explained what we do and exactly how the vending program helped us.  We would try and make our approach appeal to children and parents to gain their loyalty.

3. We may have two sticker sizes. (they would be the same price) one that was small and easy to place another that was bigger and had more visual appeal.

4. We would put out a brief monthly newsletter that could go to each vendor if they wanted, and each business owner on your charity route if they wanted to receive it.  It would basically be a few paragraphs showing the good we were doing with your support.  No spam and it would be easy to opt out. We would make a downloadable printable version that you could drop off on your routes.

5.  We would offer you brochures to use at cost.  Or provide a digital one that you could download and print.


What are some other things you would put in a perfect program?  


Thanks for you help. See below for why we are a great cause.


The Gringo Gordo (that is what some of the kids in the orphanages call me)




Why Orphanage Support Services Organization OSSO is a great charity.


1. About 95% of the donations we get go to support the children in the orphanages.  Our Admin is small.  I am full time but get no salary.

2. Besides hundreds of thousands of dollars of support we give to the orphanages our volunteers give 100,000 hours of service a year in the orphanages so they/we see that our funds are used correctly.

3.  We impact the lives of children who impact generations and break the cycle of poverty.

4.  The public is in love with the idea of orphans.  How many books and movies have orphans or almost orphans as their main character?  (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Luke Sky Walker, and so on.)

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All of the things you mentioned are great. Anything with children seems to do well. Here some thoughts that might help.

1- Continue to make sure a good portion of money goes to the cause. People do ask this.

2-Try and register to charity rating sites like charity navigator, it adds credibility and, if it shows 95% of donations goes to direct support, it will encourage donations.

3- Have a tiered price point for stickers like 1-30 stickers $1.50 mo. ea.- 31 or more $1.00 mo. ea. This encourages more stickers placed.

4- Try and partner up with a locator . Locators should be happy to because many times they call and location already has a machine supporting the charity they are calling about.

5- Have some way for vendors to get caps or shirts with charity logo. Its a positive image for your charity and looks professional.

6- Make sure your licenses and any registrations with states is in order.

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