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Trying to get locations for our flower vending machines


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My name is Darren Vallaire. I am one of the owners of 24Hour Florist, Inc. We provide flower vending machines to local florists. We are trying to secure locations throughout the country to place our machines and are willing to pay finders fee's of up to $1,000 per location.  We only need help finding locations, we already have relationships with the florists.


We can pay monthly rent to the venue or a revenue share to the venue or a combination of both.


Once a location is secured we handle everything from there on out. We only need help finding locations. We do not need help with the flowers etc. unless of course you happen to be a retail florist.


Locations we are most interest in include:

Hospitals (at least 225 beds)
Airports (at least 4 million annual arrivals)
Large office buildings (at least 500 employees)

Large hotels (at least 250 rooms)

Large Cemetery Mausoleums


Other possible locations include:

Busy stores that sell greeting cards (like Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, Hallmark stores). Machines can be placed outside under eve.

Busy shopping malls

Large nursing homes

Real busy jewelry stores

Real busy gift shops

Busy convenience stores



Any advice you guys might have on how we can secure locations would be much appreciated as this is proving to be the most difficult part of our business. 


Currently we have 5 machines deployed. 2 in California, 1 in Texas, 1 in Louisiana and 1 in Wyoming.


Check out our web site to see our machines. www.24hourflorist.net


Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.


Darren Vallaire
24Hour Florist, Inc.


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acquiring locations is not really much different than sales. you need a sales staff, dont be cheap hire one. or get in touch 

with a vending management company they are the ones who usually deal with large national chains. pelican or best vendors

would be a good place to start.


ultimately if you hire a few telemarketers you should be able to develop a solid lead base in a few weeks you will probably have to fly in person to close. at the very least if you are trying to find locations you need to have some solid leave behind material 

like a brochure (pdf) or flyer. you need something more than a website 

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Thanks for your response. We do have an 8 page brochure (pdf). It's on our web site and we have print copies for leave behinds as well. I will reach out to Pelican and Best Vendors as you suggested and see if they can help us out.


Thanks again,


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