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Vagabond VMS Introduces Integrated WiFi Telemetry


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Hi Vendiscuss friends,


We are happy to publically announce the release of our own WiFi telemetry hardware. The unit connects to the WiFi network at your location to send Vagabond live sales updates from your machine. Our CDMA cellular device is soon on its way.


We are taking reservations for both WiFi and cellular units at this time at http://www.vagabondvending.com/insight/




Please reach out to 202.695.8228 x202 or juan@vagabondvending.com with questions on our offering.





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We wanted to update our solution's information as our posting with 1000+ views is out of date. Please refer to this posting for accurate information on our solution. Thank you!

Vagabond Software


Sales Tracking
- Live sales data drives the Vagabond solution; real-time views of your machines from your mobile device or computer
Real Time Pre-Kitting
- With the live views of machines you know how much of each product to bring to each vending machine (pre-kitting)

- Pack at the warehouse or at the truck, it's up to you

Product Sales-Rate Data Tracking
- Vagabond learns as sales are made and tracks the rate at which your products sell across your business. Vagabond calculates this 'rate of consumption' for each product and uses this information to tell you exactly how much of each product you need to order/purchase to get you through an order/purchase cycle
Inventory Management
- Receive/remove products from your inventory

Product Reports
- Vagabond knows how much of each product sells from each machine and is able to tell you the amount of products sold and the revenue generated by those products for any specified time-frame
Accountability (Activity Reports)
- Know dates and times when machines are restocked and which products were stocked in the machines
- Track cash and credit card sales made between machine re-stocks to know how much money to expect to collect at a machine visit
Financial Reports
- Know what your gross profits are for each vending machine across the business for any specified time-frame. This number is calculated as Revenues - cost of goods (cost of goods sold) = Profit

- The Financial reports also display key performance indicators for the selected time frame such as the average $ sales per day, the average sales per day, the profit margin as a percentage, the average price per vend, and the average cost per vend


Insight Hardware



- $90 WiFi Insight hardware sends sales to your Vagabond account via the WiFi networks at your machines' locations

- Sales sent every 30-60 minutes


- $120 CDMA cellular Insight hardware sends sales to your Vagabond account via the Sprint/Verizon networks

- + $3/month; The CDMA units add on an extra $3/month/machine fee as each machine uses cellular data to send sales information

- Sales frequency still in testing


- The Insight hardware connects to the MDB port for its data source; machines must be MDB-capable to work with Insight hardware

- DEX port connectivity will be available on Insight hardware only as a backup in case MDB information does not send individual coil/selection data properly


How it works

- Vagabond receives its real-time data from the Vagabond Insight telemetry hardware devices and/or from partner credit card readers (such as USA Technologies). Vagabond software account is then updated automatically across all customer devices.
- Vagabond safely stores and processes all data in "the cloud".
- Vagabond software only requires an internet (WiFi) connection for mobile devices used with Vagabond (WiFi) a couple of times a day to properly sync all functions performed on the Vagabond interface throughout the day's operations
- Vagabond currently requires customers to have an Apple iOS smart device (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) or Android OS smartphone/tablet for use with the mobile app (downloaded via iTunes App Store or Google Play store)

- Customers must have access to a web browser to use the web based portion of Vagabond


Vagabond makes every customer's vending operations as efficient as possible and results in substantial savings of time and money. Here's how:


Labor Reductions
- Vagabond customers experience labor requirement reductions of up to 40% by: not making unnecessary machine visits (saving time, gas, resources), pre-kitting, spending less time on paperwork, and never spending time figuring out what sold.

- Two words: time savings.
Inventory Carry Requirement Reductions

- Vagabond is able to tell you exactly how much of each product you need to purchase/order to get you through an order cycle. V- agabond customers are able to reduce their inventory requirements by 20% and keep that extra 20% sitting in the bank (exactly where the operator wants his/her money.)
Increases Time Between Machine Visits
- Vagabond customers know exactly how full each machine is and what products remain unsold in each machine. They therefore know exactly when a machine needs to visited. Our customers see up to 100% increases of time between visits to machines.
- Vagabond enables you to visit machines only when necessary and increases the number of machines one person can manage.
Increases in sales
- Track which products are selling well and which products aren't producing the best results. Then swap out products when necessary and stock the products your customers want to purchase at all times.
Increases in Net Profit Margins
- By providing customers with more information, Vagabond is able to help operators make better decisions as they manage the day-to-day of their vending operation. Our customers are able to experience triple to quadruple the net profit margins reported by NAMA.
- Implementing Vagabond is a cash positive decision because customers' savings exceed the money spent on using Vagabond to manage their operations (and that doesn't account for the huge time savings for the managers/owners.)

Why require telemetry hardware for Vagabond use?
Vagabond uses real-time data to track customer's vending operations. Vagabond does not predict sales, Vagabond reports sales as they occur so that the user has the most accurate data available. This requires a piece of hardware that will let Vagabond 'talk' to the vending machines.

Why develop Vagabond on the mobile app platforms?
Why spend hundreds of dollars on a handheld that only helps with the vending operation? We developed Vagabond on a mobile app platform because everyone on your team already owns the smartphone they need to use Vagabond.

Other Important Pieces of Information:
- There is no time commitment to begin using Vagabond. If a customer isn't happy with Vagabond after their first month of use, they can choose to discontinue their Vagabond service.
- There is no minimum number of machines needed to start using Vagabond.
- All software updates, releases, improvements and customer support are included with the cost of Vagabond.

Learn more about Vagabond:
- Check out our short introductory video showing Vagabond's mobile features at http://www.vagabondvending.com
- Pay our Facebook page ta visit @ http://www.facebook....VagabondVending
- Follow us on Twitter via http://twitter.com/VagabondVending

Reach Out to the Vagabond Team Directly with Questions or Concerns:
E-mail: info@vagabondvending.com
Phone: 202.695.8228

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