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Route with Only Single Heads


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Hello everyone,

I got a great deal on single head A&A and oak vending machines about two months ago from a gentleman looking to reduce the size of his vending business.

In total, I now have 11 locations and 8 of them have single head machines. I have 10 more single head machines to place. My avg per location is about $10. To-date, I have not swapped out the product type at any single head location (running 6 gumballs, 1 M&M, and 1 PMM).

I'm unsure about what other candy I should be trying in these single head machines to raise my averages. I notice that the reports other vendors list in the Members Plus area usually make recommendations for triple heads, but not single head machines. Since I'm a bit cash-strapped (college student), I'd like to try to not waste any product as a try other candy types.

In a single head machine, what candy, other than gumballs, has been your best seller? I apologize if I missed a topic that relates to this question.



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Skittles have done very well for me. I am trying to stay away from PMM's on single head machines because of the product cost. Skittles have consistantly been a good seller for me since I started building my route. (I am also going to try Reese's pieces.)

I would also say that it depends on the location. You can try 2 or 3 products out and see how they do. You can rotate the the product around if it is not selling after a couple weeks to see how things sell at your different locations. 


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I have discontinued both Skittles and Reece's, both because of cost and they just do not move. I finally after a year just finished 25lbs of both in a multitude of locations.

I would like to discontinue PMM's too but with their popularity it is hard to find an alternative.

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Peanut M&Ms are best seller. Hands down. They outsell everything else 3 to 1. Just make sure they are in a air-conditioned business and out of the sun. Try those! If not, try making them double or triple heads by putting them on one stand. The more heads you got, the more money you make.

We have 900 3 and 4 head machines, and coke & snack machines, with several employees. We do very well.

Imagine a coke machine with just the standard PEPSI or DR PEPPER only? Your sales would suffer. It's hard to imagine not having at least a Diet Dr Pepper, and several other selections, in a Dr Pepper vending machine.

People like variety.

Several heads will make you the maximum money!

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