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Should I worry about THEFT or Vandalism ?


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You shouldn't worry about it, but you should plan for it. Broken globes, broken coin carriers, the business closes and you never get your machine back- all these things happen so you should be mentally prepared to handle them when they do.

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We have had more locations close where we have been unable o recover the machine than out and out theft or vandalism.

What is really frustrating is trying to recover equipment from locations that are very far from your home base, a lot of time and gas spent trying to recover.

There are a lot of people out there that could care less if you get your machine back or not, many will not call and let you know that they are closing and you won't find out till your next visit.

I have seen many other vendors in our area that have no contact info on their machine so even if the loc wanted to let them know, they couldn't. Be sure to have your info on the machine and check that it has not faded to unreadable, try to keep up to date phone records for your locations also.

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