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Northwestern 2 Column sticker machine issue..


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Well out of all my years in business I have NEVER lost a set of keys...and I run a little bit of everything so I have ALOT of keys. Well today I go into a rack location (one 2" on top and a northwestern sticker on top, and three on bottom..) I had the the capsule machine and sticker machine keys on a different set cause I have been rekeying all my sticker units to one key and this is actually the last one to do.. well I look and NO KEYRING.. I had a spare key to the capsule machine but have NO keys to this 2 column Northwestern sticker. My main NW sticker key number is NWC8 which is a barrel key. This key will not open either the coin door or top lock. Again I screwed myself cause all my other NW stickers have a NC705 flat key on top (which I was going to change this one to..) - so now Im in search quickly of a couple Northwestern barrel keys.. Im trying to remeber the 2 numbers I had on this machine and I kinda think they were either #NWC2, NWC4,or NWC6... does ANYONE have any 1 or all three of these keys that I could buy or donate them to me? If they dont work I will be more then willing to send back but I really think out of those 3 keycodes this should work..thanks all!

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