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Lots of possible vendables


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hello ladies and gents with all the brain power of the members of vendicuss ,i iknow some of you have the know how about asking some of these candy companies that sell candy such as lifesavers to start selling unwrapped candy so we could just pour and vend .there are so many that could be vended in our venders but many are wrapped like the little jolly ranchers i know these may not be the best examples and may have drawbacks but there still plenty more i cant think of at the moment . cant we do something to get these company to package some of their product for use by bulk venders like us .that would allow us to expand our selection.

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Now I was just thinking about this yesterday, I would say that they are not interested in this segment of the market. Too bad though as I think Lifesaver's would be a good one if they did the minty ones as I think the other flavors might clump like M&I. Perhaps they have not been asked to do it either. Have you thought about a letter writing campaign? All they would need is Sam's for a distribution point.

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