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What is your Bulk net monthly GOAL per machine ?


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Yes "net", not gross.    Then state how many machines you have out making $$$.

my Goal for Dentyne Ice when I get rolling will be  $18. net single head

my candy machine goal will be $ 15.  double head.

Happy Vending and posting   :P

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hehe...sorry :)

I have another main business and am just doing vending as a small piece...so I'm tracking everything.

For simple profit, I am hoping to make $10-$15/mo profit. If I can make $20/mo profit I'll be very happy.

We have 10 machines placed right now and will have 21 placed by next week. However, I haven't even run a full month yet so I don't have a feel for what they will actually bring in.

These are all triples.


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I bought the XYZ EasyPro Triples with the canisters. I really like them...we'll see how they hold up :) We have 17 of those machines.

Then, I just recently (yesterday) bought a route with 7 machines placed and another 4 unplaced. Those are Vendstars, Amerivends, and 1 XYZ Bulk Pro.

Those machines are just so-so, but they are already placed (most of them at least).

Whenever I buy machines it will be the XYZ EasyPro...I really like those.


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hehe...yes, Go Browns :)

We have more machines than locations right now, so the one time we've had to switch product we used one of the canisters from an extra machine.

We'll probably eventually buy some spare canisters.

Regardless, they are very easy to use :)

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