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Silent Salesforce key


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I have a SSF unit that the key snapped.  The barrel can apart from the handle.  Does anyone know where I can get a new one? It's the S-008.  Please, I know I shouldn't be using the stock keys but I haven't been able to change them fast enough.

Thanks for the help!

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"SalesFARCE" was completely a typo!  They are not my favorite, I think they are a good looking machine, but I have had quite a bit of problems with them.  I picked up 7 heads and 4 stands for only $125, they were in near new condition.

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I fixed that typo for you. It'll make the thread easier to find through search should someone want to find more info on SSF machines.

If they are looking for Silent Salesfarce machines, then they are out of luck! :D


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