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Auction in Ohio (small) Results


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There was a small auction in Ohio from a former skate land arena


DJ equipment


Skates ... lots of skates


All kinds of parts for skates


They were auctioning off the arcade room and ticket counter


Seemed interesting for a 3 hour drive to go


Several Ticket games went for normal prices


Coastal Amusements MAXI-CLAW     

Big crane... hard to move.. and  Larger and taller than most other cranes 44x44 84 tall


Trolley wires were twisted and broken.. 

Motherboard self-tested but loud screech thru the speakers   didn't work

trolley and claw did not move   error codes present 

Idiots bid it up past $900.00



Skyline crane.. aka mission hill  

mission hill been out of business a long time and parts are scarce

trolley wires were reworked and I didn't test it



At this point I am looking at these people like are they really that stupid?


Unknown Boxing machine no name or Mfg tag. 

Faded and worn heavy

DBA broken

Cracked plastics 



2 Sports Arena  Sammy  1 had Plexiglas front 1 had a glass front  full of prizes

both went for $300-$400 EACH...



seen 5 of these go across a auction 2 months ago for $50 each

Bad shape too..  duct tape on the lower prize doors




Ok Mfg  Putt for prizes

prizes inside and DBA

$300.00      (I won that)


Hollywood 42 inch metal crane with DBA and PLUSH..


Older than most of our kids crane... not been made and no parts


same person who won the maxi claw..


Coast to Coast

Hot Stuff 31 inch crane    (like new) great shape

Except modified homebrew for candy crane  had a candy claw

and a painted wooden plate across the exit to make the candy pass by the sensor.


I wont go into detail on how a coast to coast 31 is not a candy crane.. the sensors are not made for candy...


$1300.00     0.o     REALLY?


Rowe Changer 2 hopper with coinco DBA




Redemption counter stuff   mostly RI novelty

I got about half the counters worth of stuff 

boxes full for $250.00




some auctions can be great others you get to sit back and watch idiots overspend


I did in the same trip go near Pennsylvania to get 2  impulse amusements 32 inch cranes from a eBay side deal

one didn't work  ( 2 second fix) coin mech was bad

$1300.00 for both  32 inch all steel 2011 made cranes





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