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Remembering 911


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This is in rememberence of the victims of this historic tragedy 7 years ago.

I was working for a chemical warehouse and driving in Jefferson, Tx. at the time of the breaking news. I couldn't believe what I was hearing on the radio. Two hours later I was dispatched to return to the warehouse because of the threat of terrorism around the country. Later that day, we witnessed Airforce One making it's approach to Barksdale AFB. It was flying directly over our warehouse and low enough to see the presidential seal. At that point we knew what bunker the president was flown to.

What were you doing at the time this all took place?

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Craig great thread.  It makes us all remember not to take our country for granted.

I was in 6th grade in lunch when one of my teachers came into the lunchroom crying (she had family in NY) .  The rest of the day went on as normal but there was something off, I could just feel it.  When I got home the news was on and I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  Later that day I saw a plane that looked like the wings were backwards fly over.  It was weird.

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Great thread Craig. Here is my contribution.

On the morning of September 11th, 2001, I was making a delivery to a warehouse on the Jersey side of Manhattan. My rig was backed into the dock and I had a clear view of the Manhattan skyline. It was a beautiful morning. One that I will never forget because it seemed too nice for the time of year.

As I gazed at the skyline, I had the radio on and was listening to the news. There was a story about some upcoming city election and one about Michael Jordan's possible return to basketball.

As I sat there listening, I noticed what appeared to be a commuter jet fly right into one of the towers. It produced a large fireball and black, billowing smoke. I couldn't believe what I just saw. "What a horrific accident!" I thought. I picked up my cell and immediately called my wife to tell her. She couldn't believe it. We chatted a bit and hung up.

Several minutes later, I saw the explosion from the second tower. The plane came in at such an angle that I could not see it from my vantage point. Because of that, I thought a bomb had gone off. I later realized, as all of us did, that it was a second plane.

After calling my wife a second time, I ran inside the warehouse to tell the dock workers what had happened but they did not believe me.

I sat there most of the morning and watched both towers fall. When it was time to leave and drive back to Massachusetts, I found that all roads into the city were shut down and guarded by the National Guard. The only way to go north was I-80 West!

On that long trip home, I passed countless fire trucks and ambulances heading into the city. I was seeing emergency vehicles heading south to New York as far north as Hartford CT.

That day left a lasting impression in my mind that I will NEVER FORGET!


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The phone rang early in the morning, waking me up. My co-worker was on the other line, and she said, 'Turn on the TV, they've attacked the towers."

I jumped out of bed, turned on the TV and immediately saw smoke and flames. I was so shocked I couldn't answer my husband when he asked what was happening.

He came into the livingroom and we stood arm in arm, watching and crying, as the second tower fell.


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I was driving on The Belt Parkway in Brooklyn on my way to work. You can see the towers in the background from this highway. I noticed a billowing cloud of smoke from one of the towers. I happened to be listening to Howard Stern at the time.  Howard became very serious at that point describing and communicating with the listeners the mayhem downtown.

I was working for this large mental health agency at the time running a long term drug treatment program. One of our graduates who was doing so well was on one of the top floors of the towers working in a restaurant at the time the planes hit. He did not stand a chance. We named one of our drug treatment facilities that we opened after him.

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A little late here. My wife and I worked in the Downtown area (I still do, but my wife is now a stay at home mom, previously with Goldman Sachs). She called me from Exchange Place (Jersey CIty) and said, "I can't get to the WTC, a plane just hit one of the towers". She was watching from the other side of the Hudson. I immediately stood up (as I am on the 46th floor) and saw what looked like "burnt paper" floating/flying out the window. I then walked over to the side of my floor closest to the WTC and saw the building burning on fire. It was a VERY vivid picture as my building was fairly close.

I then went downstairs and it was utter chaos in the streets. Obviously, people were scared and confused. I was downstairs with several co-workers when the first building came down. In a matter of seconds (after hearing a sound that I will never forget), smoke and debris came toward us from just every angle. Me and two of my co-workers ventured out on the FDR Drive (among what looked like 60 thousand other people). As we were walking, it was almost as if we were walking on snow! The smoke and debris made what was a perfectly clear day, practically dark!

From the FDR drive, I witnessed the 2nd Tower fall. In my mind, this is the image I will never forget. The sound was so deep and peircing and to see this happening before my own eyes, it was surreal. At that time, a NYPD van with a female cop raced by and the officer said, "Run for your lifes, their gonna get the bridges and tunnels next". At that time, I was certain because I came to work that day, I was going to die.

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I was in a Tuesday morning meeting when the office assistant came running in to tell us that the World Trade Center has been hit by a plane. We all ran to the TV to watch as the attack continued. It was a day I will never forget.

The next day I had to drive from Long Island to New Jersey and passed the smoke rising from the towers.

God Bless all those that were lost and their families.


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That is some story guile. Geez. Where is the building that you worked from? My home office at that time was 40 Rector Street. Our workers saw human parts falling from the sky as they made their way to the streets from the building.

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My heart goes out to all in the U.S.A

My wife and I where in ottawa we where in the hotel she was in the shower I was watching a show when the news came on.I watched in horror as the first plane hit I told my wife get out here quick you are not going to beleive this.

I do not mind telling you we stood and held each other and cried.I can not imagine the pain you all must have felt. I as a canadian salute you all for the way you all united together you rose from the ashes to become stronger and support one another GOD BLESS you all.

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I was in Atlanta Georgia Tech, was still studying there.

I was still asleep from over-study the night before.

A Singaporean woke me up and told me: "Hey, World Trade Centre is gone"

I been to singapore and WTC there is a shopping mall.

My answer to him was: "Okay" then I got back to sleep"

Later that noon, I was too shock to say anything

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