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2 head vs 3


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There's alot that has been written and discussed here on this subject Larry. I went with a 2 head plan basically because of that discussion. There can be waste at times using 3 heads. Other times 3 heads can work well. There are times when 1 head will do just fine at a location. Out of 50 locations, I have 5 triples working for me.

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Three coin mechs with low capacity (compared to a single head) is not the right equipment for a lot of charity locations.

One of those three heads (and maybe two) is going to have product that is going stale, that is lost revenue and a coin mech that you paid for that is not doing you any good.

With good quality single head machines you have the capability to match the equipment to the location, from 1 head to 10 heads. Every location is different and you need the flexability to place the number of coin mechs that a location will support. 

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Both Johnny and Tom make excellent points.

Evaluate the locations and adjust as needed. I use both single and triples in my business and most of the time I pay the same or less for the triple than I do for an equivalent double head unit of a quality machine, NW or Oak, so the cost is not really a factor for me.

On a new location I will place a triple to test the waters and find what products do best, adjust products as needed until I find the right mix and then adjust the number of heads to match.

Always remember, this is a game of adjustment. Even when you find the right mix, it will generally only last for so long.

You can find a partial list of head capacities for different machines at this link:


It is only a partial list, but as time goes by maybe some of the other members will add to it and we will have a complete list.

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All I use is triple head machines (42 on location) and they seem to do pretty well for me, give the customer 3 choices instead of just one, If something doesn't sell I change to another product. Everyone seems to like different things, except everyone love PMM i have bleeps,mm's,gumballs,reese's pieces,nuts,skittles. So it about what the need is for that location.

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We have just over 900 triples now, and we will be adding another 300 this fall. We were averaging $39 3-head but it's down to $34 3-head as of the last 30 days due to the downturn in the economy. I've got several employees (who help me with our coke & snack machines too). Anyway triples make the most money per head by far, you just need to not settle for junk locations - like a dry cleaners or donut shop. Most people don't relocate their machines. Or they settle for low end locations that make $7-$10 a month, which if you have TOO many of those by yourself it's not worth the gas and the time. It's not worth that with employees working for you, especially. The real money is made by (a) getting as many heads on location as possible --- we even double up some triples, (B) using the RIGHT products that sell well and (B) relocating, relocating and relocating. You will never here © from the biz-opper's like Vendstar - directly anyway. They will also never tell you to buy their (and other brand) used machines from guys getting out of the business or off Ebay, where you'll save 75%+ per machine by doing that. Remember that relocating machines scares some people, but it's not that big of a deal once you learn it. Good luck

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