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Sheridan Price Increase?

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I went to Sheridan's website today to order some more candy boxes and it looks like their prices have jumped quite a bit on mint candy boxes. 


The price for a mint candy box with the pre-printed graphics is $3.85 per unit WITHOUT a coin box which is another $.36 cents! (99 or fewer units)

The price for a mint candy box with NO pre-printed graphics is $3.75 per unit also without the coin box! (99 or fewer units)


So, basic plain white boxes with NO graphics are priced just $.10 cents less than those with graphics. Correct me if I am wrong here, but weren't the plain boxes like $2.45 each just a couple of months ago? I have a bunch of acrylic boxes so I may be remembering the price of the the basic corrugate boxes incorrectly. 


The plain white mint box is $1.30 MORE than the full size plain white snack box!


My hypothesis is that they are trying to get people to buy the pink ribbon boxes which are marginally more money at $4.47 each BUT come with a $.50 cents monthly royalty payment to find a cure for breast cancer. The pink ribbon boxes are wax coated also! I don't think that the other cardboard mint boxes that I mentioned are even wax coated!


Plus, a quick search of Cameron Packaging shows that their "honor snack box with divider" costs just $2.78 each when you buy 10 or more! I think that the Cameron boxes are to big to use for mint sales.


Am I mistaken in the fact that I think Sheridan just dramatically increased cardboard mint box prices? Can the basic cardboard mint boxes be purchased elsewhere for less? Cameron seems to sell only cardboard snack boxes (no smaller mint boxes), is that correct?




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I know things do go up in time just the way of doing business. I don't worry too much because I will just absorb the cost and have to sell an extra mint or two to make up for it.

That there is a winners outlook. We call that BossTalk where I come from.

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