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does it make sense to buy new with a cc reader?


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hi everyone,


my fiance's work has about 35 employees.  currently, there is a vendor who operators a soda machine and a snack machine.  right now they have a pepsi machine (based on the outside and google comparison, i believe its a dixie narco dn501e soda machine serving cans).  to be more specific, it serves: 2 pepsi, 2 mtn dew, 2 code red dew, another dew flavor, a&w root beer, cherry pepsi, ocean spray oj, blue gatorade, red gatorade.  sodas are .60c/ea fyi.


the snack machine is an older... brand/model unknown [though i can find out if it matters], 4 wide display, 7 columns (bottom is gum).  every week i guess there is an issue with one or both of the machines... selections will be out for a long time, bill acceptor will be down, someone buys a starburst and they are rock hard... then they want a refund... entire machine is down/not cold, non stop its something.  they call, operator says he is on it... doesnt show up for ...... a week!


anyway, the boss is very good friends with us and said they do not have a contract with the vendor.  they are sick of the employees complaining and just want them to be happy.  some dont even use the machine because they prefer coke over pepsi.  the boss said if i want the location, its mine.  so... ive been doing some research.  my fiance is one of a few as well, who does not bring cash with them to work... so her and a friend if they want something to drink will leave and go to the store to get something.  quite often, the people in the shop leave to go and get energy drinks because the vendor does not serve any.


i realize buying used may be cheaper... but im wondering if it may make sense to buy new?  i took a tour of seaga's plant today (im located outside of the manufacturing plant) and am considering the INF5C with a credit card reader (obviously, also coin/bill acceptor).  the total OTD price i am able to buy it for is $4269 including the card reader.  of course there is an additional monthly fee of $8/mo but what seems nice is it will tell me total sales of the machine cash, coin, or card swipe, as well as current inventory.


this particular machine is a combo, so the bottom row can be setup for drinks and the upper setup can be chips and such.  i'm wondering if it is a smart investment to make to buy new so i have this built in inventory option (dont have to ask fiance to check machine/boss doesnt have to worry about it either... or worry my fiance is checking on the machine and not working... i may be thinking about an issue that may never happen but still), dont have to worry about bill acceptor messing up, 12mo warranty, no comission split... all mine.  also considering putting this on my CC, company has been around 15 years... they arent going anywhere so the account could and would always be mine.  i know i would not have a problem getting a forever contract even if i wanted to.  fiance car pools with a friend but once a week i drive out to have dinner with her (which on that day, im thinking i could easily stock the machine).  this would also keep my product from expiring too fast).  locally manufactured means (in theory) can gets parts quicker.  


i guess my thinking is i dont want to buy used machines and be just as bad of a vendor as the previous guy.  esp. since i do not know how to fix them... or anything about them..  also, i would sell energy drinks which he is not.




ps, i should also mention the break room is large and i can put in as many machines as i want.  also, i am not looking to be a giant vending operator... if i make some money, im looking at perhaps this could finance a second used car for us... and i would be completely happy with that plus covering the credit card payment.. 



have looked at used soda machines on craigslist, saw a couple in the $500/range nothing fancy.  attached are the current ones at the location and the one i am considering.




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There are quite a few VMS options out there that can provide inventory management information and credit card readers that can be installed on an old machine. If I were you, I would check the costs of a used machine + VMS software costs and weigh it against the total cost of a new machine. Often times, it is cheaper to go with the first route.

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