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First Service Call Today


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Well two and a half months into my bulk vending adventure and I get my first service call from one of my tire shops. My single gumball had taken several quarters and it wouldn't vend at all. I went over tried to fix it but couldn't so I pulled it and said I'd be back later today or tomorrow. I tinkered with it at work but still couldn't get it to vend. I asked my good buddy Hillbilly and he said most likely my lid was on too tight. So I loosened it and changed out the chute because it seemed to be rubbing and wa la it worked. Hillbilly said "See, the old man was right" he said it, not me  :D .I took it back over, apologized to the owner because it had taken one of his quarters  :o  uhh ohh and gave everyone there a cup of free gumballs. I felt it was best since that one spot seems to be a $15 a month single gumball so far. 

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