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dixiie narco 501 e


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Is it on all selections or just 1 selection? When board is powered up it goes through diagnostics. At that time it will home any selections that it sees not homed going through each one until it sees the home switch. If after several seconds it don't see the switch then it moves to the next selection until it has tried all selections. If there is a broken common on the motor switch it will leave the circuit open and all motors will run until they time out. If it is only one then that motor switch is bad. You should be able to find the common on the wiring schematic on the inner door. Using an ohmmeter check that wire for continuity from the control board to the last motor in the circuit which I believe is number one.  If there isn't any continuity from board to any switch then you have a broken wire. If  there is continuity then replace control board.

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