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New to prize vending....


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Hey everyone,


I am an operator in northern California. I currently have 3 locations, with another 3 that need to be up and running by the 1st of the year. A small bit about myself, I started operating out of love for arcades and pinball machines. All of the other ops in the area were putting out awful machines that barely ran, and most of the time would just eat your quarters. So I started trying to put stuff out myself, so far it has been very successful and is growing faster then I can keep up.


I never really had a desire to op cranes and redemption stuff because I felt there were to many of those types of games in my area, well a couple of my locations are asking for at least one, so I am sticking my toes in the water to see how to go about it.


I have 3 machines that do this type of vending, 1 rainbow candy crane that was converted to a plush crane, 1 hammer dx game (basicly wack a mole) and one called flyball.


I am about to place my first order, but am really unsure what to order. Both of the arcade redemption games have a vend for a small prize or big prize. I was basicly goinging to run 1" capsules for the small prizes and a 5 inch ball of some kind for the big prize on those.


The plush I was going to run a 25% licensed mix of small plush in the machine, because its a very small crane.


What are your guys thoughts.


Also if any of you need arcade/pinball help please feel free to reach out to me.

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