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Bulk vending coin mechanisms, seaga millenia


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Any advice on where I can get these? I got 4 double head machines w/ stands, several extra parts, but missing 3 coin mechanisms. I've tried searching but frequently I see coin mechs listed for twenty bucks. I paid 25$ per machine for double heads on titan stands. Spending 60$ to get 3 new coin mechs... doesn't seem right.

I tried searching the forum but couldn't find anything on locating parts. Anyone with advice on how to get coin mechs would be appreciated. I want to get these two machines out there so I can buy my next set to work on. I love vending :).

Edit: Used mechs are perfectly fine with me. It would be ideal if the mech fit my machine but allowed for drop throughs--as the machines I have in place jam if they are loaded with any other coin. (Fail :(   )

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I guess just keep watching Ebay. That is about what a new mech will run you so you may find it cheaper but used some. It doesn't seem right but they might not have wanted to replace them because of the cost, so they sold them instead.

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