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Fixing my Millenia, how would you do it?


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Looking for advice from seasoned operators here. I need coin mechs for 3 seaga millenia. Where should I buy them? Is there a way to put mechanisms with a drop through into this machine? After these 4 I'm planning to focus on certain kinds of machines more to reduce the cost of repairing my army. For now I'm just looking to get these two double heads out there collecting quarters. I fear having pennies placed into my machine and jamming it up, so drop through mechs would be great. I don't know how to tell if any other mechanism would fit though. I don't foresee this machine as being the backbone  of my army, but it was somewhere i could get 4 double heads for a hundred bucks. (Looks like the 3 new mechs will add a solid 60$ or so onto that) I can wait and watch ebay for used mechs, but part of the cost is shipping and waiting means the machines are just sitting in my living room.

Ideas or advice? Links are always appreciated also. I expect my first 3 months to include quite a few mis-steps as I learn the vending business. More posts to come as I work on imitating the successful operators on here.

Thanks guys


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Click HERE to view auction!

Would something like that work?

Edit: Made sure the link was working. That mechanism looks almost exactly like the ones I'm using currently in the seagas, and the free shipping would be nice so I could just buy one of them and make sure it worked (or see if I'd have to bend the metal a little and be able to make it work).

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I think the best fix would be the trash dumbster, right Steve? :D;) 

I am kidding.

If your looking for coin mechs, any distributor that sells the round globes such as you have will fit. That is the general rule. I would contact Seaga, I am sure they have replacements for a cheap price. Amerivend (Starline Models), and LYPC will also fit.


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If you are going to try an Amerivend or LYPC, you might as well get a wheel to match the mech. I've tried to swap mechs before and even though they fit the body, you might find that they don't fit the teeth on the wheel.

The wheel will either sit too high or too low to grab the teeth and turn. I'm not saying this happens with all swaps but it's something to be aware of.


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xyz believed the mech they were selling would fit seaga millenia and asked for measurements. I measured and mailed back and am waiting to hear from them. Thanks beer.

Steve, good idea to keep track of, I hadn't even considered that. I'm still hoping for the best and think it's reasonable because the picture looks very much like the mechanism I have, except the picture is in chrome. When I talked to seaga, they said they only sell the coin mech in chrome now.

xyz wants 20$ per including shipping. For an order of 3 delivered seaga wanted 89$+ change.

The additional cost of pick up and spare parts + dealing with some damaged parts -- IE the globe on one of my machines -- which I have termed "Frankenstein", is causing me to look much more heavily at purchasing some machines off the sam's website. I will consult here before of course.

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