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Thinking about Transitioning to Racks


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Hello everyone,

I've been building my bulk vending business for about 8 months and have decided that I would like to consolidate my locations to reduce the number of stops I need to make each month. One of the ways that I think makes sense to do this is by taking some of the 15+ single head machines that I have in my garage and putting them onto racks.

I have a couple questions about everyone's experiences with racks and I'd appreciate your input.

  • What's the "standard" type of rack that you use in most locations? I generally see 5 and 9 head setups, but I'm not sure what's more cost efficient on a per head basis. Your thoughts?
  • Have you mixed manufacturers' types of machines on a rack? In my case, I would be mixing red Northwestern 80's with red Oak Vistas.
Thanks for your input!


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with most locations haveing a lack of space around here I have been haveing trouble even getting a 7 way into some locations let alone a 9 way.

the 2 9 ways I bought I already had locations for.I would recomend a 5 way on a j stand because they look nice and use less room.

you could probably mix machines as long as they are all the same type on that level.for example super 80s on top and oak machnes on bottom.

on one of my 5 head racks I had to set it up with  4 eagle machines and 1 northwestern.the top 2 and outer 2 on bottom are the same and the middle one is a northwestern,but thats about all I would do as far as useing differant machines.

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