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"Oscars Wild Ride" and other interactive gumball machines?


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Anyone have experience with what they call interactive gumball machines?  I bought this older but still very nice Oscars Wild Ride gumball machine.  It talks!  Really cool with lights and sound too.  Got it for only $100 so didn't see how I could go wrong with the profit from gumballs being what it is.  It is rather large and wouldn't work in every situation but seems like this would really be an eye catcher to the little kids.  It has a little kid sounding voice that it does in what they call attrack mode and talks to bring little kids to the machine.  Wondering how much more this machine might make as compared to a normal gumball machine and how much service may be involved?

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I am really interested in this topic too. I have seen these type of machines and kinetics and was really curious if they were actually worth the extra money. The same thing goes for spirals. I used to believe, "bigger investment, bigger return," but I can't say that is always true.

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On 3/11/2017 at 1:39 PM, ricjo vending said:

I might buy a used Oscar wild ride gumball machine.Anybody own/operate one of these.What's the pros and cons?

Oscars Wild Ride is one of the biggest "show" machines ever mass-produced. It came in a number of variants, the newer ones being somewhat more reliable mechanically speaking. It's big, heavy, has a LOT of moving parts, electrical components, and lights. I had the option to buy one some time ago and passed on it on the grounds that if one of the "showcase" halogen lamp bulbs goes out, they all go out as I discovered when I went to go look at one. For the size, power, and electrical usage, you're better off placing some sort of redemption game you can charge a dollar for- fewer parts to break down, far better support, and greater profits.

Don't get me wrong, the Oscar machine looks amazing, but I can't for the life of me think of anyplace that warrants it unless by some miracle you've found a place where both space and power are no object.


Whatever you choose to do, good luck!

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