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Pricing Your Vending Business


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I'm not sure if you'r talking about full line large machines or little bulk machines.

I do full line now and in this industry, 7-9 months gross sales is pretty standard.

If the machines are good as in newer and good quality machines, then you can sell them for 9 months gross.

If the machines are old and crappy then maybe 6 months gross.

Obviously in a worst case scenario, you would sell the business what the equipment is worth.


A long time ago when I sold my bulk machines, I just sold the business for what the machines were worth.

Usually with bulk machines, you just sell the business for whatever the equipment is worth since the locations don't make that much money anyway.

Then again, I never really made more than $30/machine/month, so I am sure the more bulk experts could share some more light on this topic.



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