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NCCS Sticker Wording

Honda man

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I received my NCCS stickers today and  am just curious if everyone else's stickers have this wording:" The Vending Program of the National Children's Cancer Society generates in excess of $800,000 annually to help children with cancer. This is not a charitable solicitation; all sale proceeds go to the unit owner. Machine operators are obligated to pay a guaranteed contracted amount to the NCCS regardless of sales."

It's not a big deal, but the sentence that reads: "This is not a charitable solicitation; all proceeds go to the unit owner." seems like it would cause unnecessary questions from a potential location owner.

Naturally, I've been checking out the competition's  machines and haven't seen any other charity stickers (Spina Bifida, Humane Society, Child Search, etc..) with this type of info.

Has this come up when locating and how do you respond?


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My charity also has the same wording.  The charity has to legally protect itself from vendors/locators who misrepresent how the program actually works. Thus the wording in fine print - which few people actually read. Place your sticker inside the machine and not on the top if you are concerned about people reading it.

I only ever had one location kick me out because of that wording. Strangely enough, it was my very first location (no kidding - talk about getting off to a bad start) and has never happened again! 


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