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Are you getting the most out of your product?


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Hey everyone, I posted this in another thread but figured it may be useful in a seperate topic so more people see it.  Enjoy!


Product                ½ oz. #       1/3 oz. #          ¼ oz. #

M&M                          17                11                   9

PM&M                        6                    4                   3

Reese’s Pieces        17                 11                   9

Skittles                     14                   9                   7

Hot Tamales&            7                   5                   4

Mike & Ikes

Runts                        12                  8                   6

Good and Plentys    15                 10                  8

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                              To Calculate Net Per Bag:

- Decide the vending size you want to give to your customers from the chart above. Multiply the bag size in ounces by the number of vends per ounce.

Example: I want to vend 1/3 oz. portions of M&Ms so I will multiply my bag size by the opposite of my fraction. 56 oz. X 3 = 168 servings per bag.

I charge $0.25 per serving so multiply 168 by $0.25 and I get $42 Gross. Now just take away my cost of product ($8.50) and I am left with $33.50 Net.

* You will also need to take into account other expenses such as gas, machine repairs, etc. But this is an easy way to see if you are getting the most out of your candy or if you should stop vending a certain type.

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Could we get this stickied? As I'm filling up some machines I came to check on it again.

I placed this in the "Vending 101" section for you. That should make it easier to find.



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Just what I was trying to figure out this evening as I'm getting back into the business after 10years of selling my operations. (WHAT was I thinking???)

Your chart is perfect.

Rich  :D

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whereis the vending 101 section..cant find it

Joey, this an old thread. I can't remember if it migrated over to the new form or not. If it did, it was probably lost in the recent loss of third party add ons.

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The vending 101 section was a category that contained many threads that were considered noteworthy and educational. We eliminated the category but the threads are still here. They've just been assimilated back into the regular forums.

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