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Need advice for newbie


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I'm looking at a couple options, both are healthy (I know I know, but hear me out).

The first route is grossing ~$100K (netting around $45K) on 17 placed healthy machines located mostly in schools. It's the only healthy vending in the area it sounds like.Purchase price is a bit above $140K, which seems really high to me. No idea what the machines are, as I know that matters, but probably the usual chinese made I presume.

Second option is $12K for 10 unplaced healthy vending machines that are a couple years old (Naturals2go?). Guy who is selling had an accident and can no longer service the machines (paid $70K for them) and I'd relocate the machines to my area.

If I did option two, I'd actually stock the machines based on what would sell well, (20/80 healthy to junk). I don't see why I would need to stick with healthy, but it seems like a decent deal for the machines.

By the way, I have never been in the business so I am not sure exactly how hard it would be to place 10 machines, but from what I hear in talking to the guy selling the first route is there is plenty of opportunity in the area, he's kept it at 17 because he has other businesses he is dealing with and wants to simplify.

I would enjoy hearing your thoughts. 


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