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I have been in Full line vending, OCS, Music & games, Commissary, Cafeterias and water systems for 38 years. Still haven’t got a clue what I am doing this for but it beats working for a living.

A year ago I gave up a lot of this to work on my own. No partner, no employees, just me. The government still loves me. They write every month. They even phone and have given me their email address. God bless em and I hope it is always raining where they live.

I Gave up on Food machines. Hate them! (Unless they are really really good) I do miss the overweight slobs who ask for "health food" usually as they exit the building for a smoke. Seriously I ask you. Who on earth is on a diet, has more deadly food allergies than my ex wife had complaints (about me) is running a marathon and uses the VENDING machine as their main source of food? Who does this? Am I on the wrong planet? Still I try.

At the moment I operate snacks/coffee/pop vending. OCS pour over’s/plumbed in/Pods + Filtered water coolers. Oh, and in my spare time I work on a couple of Seaga hf 2500 machines. They are the rubiks cube of combo's. Turn your back and somebody tries to use it or at least put money in it = service call. They are light enough to walk off with so I thinking put a handle on them and perhaps someone will.

Oh yeah I have also operated 25cent gum ball (work for peanuts) machines & cigarette machines

I paid off the national debt of some small country when I bought French fry and ice cream machines (notice I neglected to say operate that is because they really never got used enough to say that) at 850Lbs and $14k to buy they were a vision that I prefer to forget.

I have operated as many as 12 routes which looking back was manned (I think) with unemployable stock car racers.

I have kept my sense of humor and think that as long as you can work your plan. Keep you wits about you, and treat your customers with respect and honesty you may come out of this with some change left in you pocket.

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Thanks for the welcome. No I have never heard of Tee shirt vending. I did convert a Rowe Riviera Cig machine to a codom vendor once. We had a few hundred so it seemed worthwhile to try.

I am looking at some Skate sharpening (coin op) machines to purchase 1,200 of them to be precise. This will be a completely new nightmare for me...but I am game.

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Suncoast,  are these skate sharpening machines coming from Massachussets?  I was in discussion with perfect edges in MA.  They wanted too much per machine.  They wanted close to 20 grand per machine.  I used to use one similar when I played Juniors up there in Westport Ontario.  The edge was always pretty decent.  Just thought I would ask.



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