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Box trucks in the summer, for all the rookies who are wondering

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Before and during my box truck purchase, I spent a lot of time researching how to keep my product cool in the AZ summer, and while I had many answers, nothing was "definite", and I went in loaded with much knowledge, but still partially blind.

After some experience, I am here to report a definite, 100%-successful method for box trucks in the summer! Search for answers no more, for this works. 

Even in 120 degree weather my soda cans are cool to the touch. NOT remotely close to warm. 

1) Paint your roof white with reflective roof paint (I used Henry's).... Also make sure the sides of you truck are white, usually they are? 

2) Insulate your roof (I used the silver on one side/white on the other side insulation that Home Depot sells. Was cheap, like $10/sheet or something like that.

That's it!!! I am so happy I tried a low-cost alternative before doing something like a reefer. 

This was a subject that I was stressing over for a while, I hope this post saves all future vendors any stress, because there needn't be any! 

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