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Hello! New to Vending


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Good Evening,

Hi I am Bill I live in Larkspur CO (12 miles from exact middle of Colorado), and I just got into vending..   True story...  My son (8) was asking for $10 dollars to unload the dishwasher.  I told him no that I didn't pay him to do chores it was expected that if you live in the house you contribute to the house.  He said he still wanted $10 for some piece of crap toy.  I told him no that he needed to get a job or start his own business.  He asked where he could get a job, I told him nowhere because he was 8 and the Child Labor Act of 1938 prevented it.  He wasn't thrilled.  Fast forward 12 hours.  We are at a garage sale and the little guy buys a vending machine, splits the cost with his brother (5) and they get me to haul it to the trunk.   This is a triple gumball machine type machine.   They bought candy and asked a local business owner to place it in the gym.  He said yes and here we are making about $20 a week.  

I bought a few more small quarter machines ($25 each) for them but we still need to clean and service them as they were in rough shape.  so far it's going great. 

I am a firearms instructor and call center designer and now I guess I am a manager of B&L Vending.

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