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Halloween surplus sales - tacky? A goid buy?


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I imagine prices will slash immediarely post Halloween on chocolates. I use fun size for my mint boxes - and mints also. 

1. Is it tacky post Halloween to have these out? Alot of them are marked for halloween - they are glow in dark, etc

2. If i buy snickers, m and m, milky way  etc next week what is shelf life (i typically buy what i need each week and am new..so freshness has yet to be an issue).

3. How much do they typically cut the price post Halloween?

4. Is it normal for the candy NOT marked for Halloween to be discounted next week as well?

i buy from Sams  if price is right happy to buy from anywhere.

pls advise



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I primarily service the Honor Snack trays, not the mint or lollipop boxes, but this is my experience.  Be careful when purchasing Holiday packaged candy.  While most chocolates and candy have about a year shelf-life, specific holiday packaged candy runs the risk of giving off the perception of being "old" or out-dated, even when it's not.  For example, even though the Halloween "glow-in-the-dark" packaged snicker bar may have a shelf-life until, say, September of next year, most people will perceive it to be "old" by about Christmas.  Same thing for a Christmas packaged candy.  By about Memorial Day, customers will think it is out-dated even though it may have 3-4 months shelf-life left.  That is why most vendors hate the Coca-cola Santa cans.  By Springtime, people think the pop is old, even though it may be good until October.  If you can move the candy rather quickly, by all means, take advantage of the deals on the Halloween candy.  I certainly do.  But if your volume level would take months to cycle the Halloween candy out, I would maybe think twice.  You don't want the customer to "think" that you are trying to sell "out-dated" product, even though you aren't.  To answer your first question: "is it tacky?", I would say NO, as long as the Halloween candy is gone by Thanksgiving.  Just my 2 cents.  I hope this helps! :) 

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