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  1. flintflash

    National vending - who are they

    They are a Vend Management group like Best Vendors. They typically go after big National accounts (retail mainly) like Nike stores, Sam's club, Barnes & Noble, etc. They sell the account and then find local vendors in the different market areas to service the accounts. The vendor pays a commission to National Vending, just like they do with Best Vendors.
  2. flintflash

    Liability insurance

    We carry a small policy, but my understanding is that the service is responsible and assumes the liability. We are paying for that service and have no control over data breach.
  3. flintflash

    Snack box update

    Looking good, Buddy! Looking good! Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year, my friend!
  4. flintflash

    Snack box update

    Hey Jerry! I don't mean to interject myself into the conversation, but we use cardboard sleeves. Makes it easy to stack the boxes in our vans and protects the product from getting smashed. I don't know which boxes you are using (Cameron or Sheridan), but you should be able to get sleeves for transporting them ( I would think). We can stack easily 100 snack trays (or more) into a Chevy van. If you pack that many, you want to load them tightly together to prevent "dumping your pile" when you take corners or have to brake suddenly.
  5. flintflash

    Purchasing 2 Routes - Advice

    Unless YOU are going to run your business, this is a BAD idea. What are you going to do when your employee calls in sick, or worse yet, quits. Are you going to leave your current job to run your vending routes until you can hire another route driver? And there is extensive training involved too. You can't just hand someone the keys and say "Have at it." What about repair calls? Is the driver doing all the service repairs? You are gambling HUGE on just ONE employee running your show. Are you going to take time off from work to help this employee move equipment when you lose an account? And on top of it all, you want to pay this person less than $250/week? It would have to be a part time position. If you expect full time work out of this employee, you'll need to pay them more than minimum wage. This is a bad idea...bad, bad, BAD. Just my two cents.
  6. flintflash

    Tired of counting change?

    That's an older Jetsort. We have a 6000 series with the touch screen. The nice thing, however, is that many of the parts look to be compatible, which means that you could still get repairs done on it. This one has the older chute sensors, but the sorting head is pretty much the same. Whoever buys this will DEFINITELY need a new sorting pad on the disk (that one in the picture is extremely worn out). This one is at least 20 years old. $500 may be a bit on the high side for it. Jetsorts are hands down the fastest coin sorter. We can counter a Federal level quarter bag ($1000) in under 2 minutes.
  7. flintflash

    Snack box update

    We are on a 13 business day cycle, so with weekends falling in there, we a roughly on a 2.5 to 3 week cycle. Keep up the GREAT work buddy!
  8. Well....that and I coach soccer in my spare time...lol.
  9. Vending business for 25 years. Nothing else, just vending 24/7.
  10. flintflash

    Snack box update

    Excellent week, buddy! Really great numbers! I wish I had YOUR box average. Keep it up!
  11. flintflash

    Best Vendors Management, anyone deal with them?

    I believe Best Vendors is connected to Compass Group. Compass group is Canteen. Best Vendors gets corporate vending bids with the huge retail chains and big corporations. They only bid out the stores that Canteen doesn't want to deal with, usually because it is low volume or way out of the way. Either way, it's primarily garbage accounts. If you are the only player in town, I would be adamant about NO COMMISSION. They have to get the account serviced so if you hold to your guns, they will probably cave on that. I have gotten accounts in the past and pressed Bast Vendors to waive the commissions because no one else would touch it. We only took the account because I had several accounts right next door. But trust me, most everything that they pass on to other third party vendors that is not a Canteen is garbage. Continue to play hardball with them.
  12. flintflash

    Usi coffee machine

    Vistar will sell everything you need to fill that machine. I have only placed a few coffee machines, but my experience has taught me that you don't waste money on filling the tea.
  13. flintflash

    Machine info

    That is the Ultra Flex machine, much NEWER than the old AP 6600. they are decent machines. I know the State governments used those in their Rest Areas on the highways.
  14. flintflash

    Snack box update

    Not sure how big the route is, but when you are servicing a smaller route, sometimes all it takes is one or two accounts to affect it. That is something that I try to get across to my route drivers. The larger the route, the less impact one account can have on the overall shortage. So, let's say you only serviced 20 accounts as compared to 30 accounts, one bad account or one "rip off" can greatly impact the overall route. With that in mind, look at that route as one to build (if it is a smaller route). That will help maintain your shortages. I can show you more specifics if you need. Keep up the AWESOME work!
  15. flintflash

    Snack box update

    Doing SUPER, buddy! I notice that one week has a higher box average that the other. That quite normal. I have routes that are completely different. Some have huge usage and box averages compared to others. Different areas are like that.