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  1. Vandalism

    We had an account that broke the glass a couple times, once was due to horseplay and once due to a third shift theft. The second time, I replaced the glass with Plexi-glass and never had a problem again. Best thing I could have done, since this account has GROWN to become our best account. Sometimes a little patience and some creative thinking can save the day. If it happens again, try replacing with Plexi-glass.
  2. Specific box n charity n where to get??

    The charity has nothing to do with the manufacturing of the boxes. I believe most of the "candy for a cause" vendors are getting their boxes thru Sheridan systems. As far as working directly for the Charity, you would have to make those arrangements yourself with the charity. But I believe to be a direct representative for a charity, you would need to apply for a license. Myself, I would rather run my business as a business and contribute to charities of my own choosing. We have supported several charities over the years, but I am not tied to one. Just my 2 cents.
  3. !!!WARNING!!!! Locations Poached!

    Glad to hear all worked out! Hope business is going well for you.
  4. Healthy vending?

    Here's the big question! What EXACTLY is HEALTHY? I have them explain what they are looking for. Some products are Reduced or No Fat, but to compensate for the lack of flavor, they jack up the sugar or salt content. Some items are Low sugar or sugar-free, but again will be HIGH in sodium. Some are low sodium, but the calorie count is double, and the list goes on.... "Healthy" is such a Subjective term. I ask our accounts "specifically, what type of healthy item do you want?" Everyone's idea of "healthy" is different. Once they start to wrap their heads around that, the whole idea of healthy gets dropped. I usually tell them, if you are looking for Low Fat, Sugar-Free, Low Salt and Under 100 Calories, just by a bottle of water and any snack and just eat the wrapper.
  5. !!!WARNING!!!! Locations Poached!

    You summed up my response perfectly! Anyone taking ANYBODY's snack trays should be reported to the police as a thief.
  6. Snack box update

    Nice work, Bryan! Looks like those "Hard" routes are starting to settle in for you. I hope that you are finding things to run alot easier for you and providing you more time to sell, sell, sell! Your Box Average is GREAT, especially for the Summer months (which is when we see our volume dip a little due to the heat). Excellent shortages as well! Keep up the good work, buddy!
  7. honor box pricing

    EXCELLENT start, Jaimes! You have the right idea by placing the boxes yourself. Be sure to be thorough in all the areas you sell, by that I mean comb the area well and approach EVERY business. Try not to "high spot" an area or be too picky on which businesses to call on. You never know what GEMS of accounts can be hidden as small, little shops or stores. While snack trays placed in public areas will typically have high volume, they will also typically have high shortages. I generally try to keep our boxes in breakrooms and offices and not out in public areas due to high theft rate. To answer your question about desirable items, CHOCOLATE is always the highest demanded products, but is also the most costly. Chips are another high volume item, but tend to have shorter shelf-life. Cookies and crackers are very hit-or-miss. Some products sell well based on demographics and regional tastes. What state are you in? I would look for popular, local brands if available. I could give you some suggestions on how to calculate your "Box Cost" and Menu selections if you would like. Keep up the SUPER work!
  8. !!!WARNING!!!! Locations Poached!

    This guy is nothing but a THIEF! No one can make a claim that they "purchased" territory and that allows them sole rights to a territory. Something like that ONLY applies if you and he were part of the same organization, like a franchise and were providing the SAME service for the SAME company. I am an independent honor snack vendor in Michigan. NO ONE can purchase Zip Codes or any territorial rights from ANY company and/or charity organization and take my market area. It's called FREE MARKET and anyone can set up shop and compete. I would report him to the police and file charges.
  9. help identify

    That is an OLD Vendo 264. Single price and I'm sure NO upgrades, too old. I would NOT use that on a route for a customer. Might be OK to dispense beer in your garage though.
  10. Liability insurance

    What you have quoted is the norm for liability. Sounds like great coverage. What you need to keep in mind regarding the personal injury, is that your customers Work Comp will cover the individual first, then the liability (assuming that the injury was caused by the fault of the individual, which probably is the case). Also, in regards to the individual, the insurance company will will go to bat for you if the injury was negligence on the part of the individual (again, probably the case). They are not going to just hand out $10,000 to someone stupid enough to pull a Coke machine down on themselves, or cut there arm because they broke the glass on the vending machine to steal product. I think the policy that you have is more than adequate and at $500 annually, that's a good price. You will be covered well.
  11. cardboard v. acrylic - PLEASE HELP qwik!

    As long as you straighten the bills out and band them in $100 wraps, you should be fine. I wouldn't hand them a wad of crumbled bills though...lol. They would definitely have a problem with that.
  12. Snack box update

    WOW! Bryan that is a great box average at $22.25. Looks like things have settled down with the hard routes and now your ROCKING IT again. Nice work!
  13. Holy Ripoff!

    So I checked out the website and then researched this Drew Ross character who runs this program. He makes most of his money selling people some program on becoming an independent, work from home insurance agent. Now he seems to be an expert on the Honor System. I've been in this business for 23 years and let me tell you, there is NO WAY this guy is an expert in the vending industry, let alone the Honor Snack business. This "system" has only been around for a few years and some how HE is going to teach you to make money at this. SCAM! The whole thing sounds really sketchy. The website is very generic and not much information, just typical "fluff" to sell YOU on purchasing his boxes. They do claim to have "Placement Specialists" to help place the accounts, but then later on talks about hooking you up with an independent locator "in your area". PLEASE...if you want to get into the Honor Snack business, do it the RIGHT way...work at it like any other business. There is no "system" that will instantly put you into the honor snack and/or vending business overnight. All they want to do is sell YOU. Work at it yourself. Purchase your own boxes and set out to build your own route. If you are diligent and work hard, you can build a lucrative business in this industry. There are plenty of folks on this forum that will gladly give advice or info to help. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Honor Box damaged 4 times in a row...

    You're are SOOOOOO right. It is frustrating and unfortunately, that is the nature of the honor snack business. I've been in this business for 23 years and that is one thing that will never change. But keep moving forward, never stop selling. Accounts will come and go, and a few will stick with you for a long time, but always keeping putting on new accounts. We just lost a 3 box account, because they added a second shift that keeps stealing the money that the first shift puts into the coin box. It stinks to lose them, but we can't afford to eat the loss month after month. We'll probably move them to a vending machine if we can, or check back with them in 6 months and try the boxes again. But we'll move on and search for the next great account.
  15. honor box pricing

    There is some validity to that argument. Exact change can be a deterrent. When we went from .85 to $1.00, way back when, that actually was the EASIEST price increase we ever implemented. I do believe that the simplicity of the $1.00 price point made that transition run smooth. Customers welcomed the easy price point. However, keep in mind that at some point, $1.25 will be necessary. If the candy companies (Mars, Hershey, Nestle) take a price increase (and they will), the $1.25 price will certainly be justified. I, too, like the $1.00 price, but know that $1.25 is right around the corner. Bryan (bhumphrey) was SMART to make the change to $1.25 now. Keep in mind, up until 2008 (when I went to $1.00), my customers were used to using pocket change (we were at 85 cents). Just some food for thought.