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  1. Sounds like the account would definitely be worth it. You may want to consider a glassfront pop machine also. Sounds like you will have a heavy female customer base and having the ability to offer a variety of drinks should boost sales. I know at the cosmetology school that we have, we sell more energy drinks (especially the new REIGN), Sparkling Ice, Vitamin Water, juice, even flavored milk (YUP). Seems like everything and anything in a weird size container...LOL. But their tastes change as the classes change and a glassfront is WAY easier to make changes in as opposed to emptying out columns, adjusting shims, etc. Just a thought. Good luck, sounds like a GREAT opportunity.
  2. I have a cosmetology school that does 75% of their volume thru card readers. We service them now twice a week and they do roughly 300-400 a week. Students are way more likely to use cashless means of payment. Sounds like there could be some GREAT potential here for you!
  3. Candy That Cares is just the OLD Charity Vending with a NEW name and NEW webpage (but the webpage is still under Charity Vending). READ all the previous threads regarding Charity Vending and you'll see it is pretty much a Biz Op Scam. ANY biz op that advertises that it is quick easy money should put up ALL SORTS OF RED FLAGS. Just purchase boxes from Cameron or Sheridan and place them yourself. TRUST ME, they are all about taking YOUR money NOT making YOU money. Just my two cents!
  4. Welcome to the forum and to the Honor Snack business! As a 25 year veteran, I can tell that the majority of customers (like 99.9%)will NOT ask for a "cut" or commission. The small portion that might, typically be small volume accounts (at least that is my experience). If I may suggest, DO NOT OFFER COMMISSIONS! You will have shortages to deal with and small volume accounts at times and commissions will KILL your profit margin. Honor snacks are not a business to be handing out commissions. Large vending companies may do it for HIGH VOLUME vending accounts, but our business does not warrant commissions. Best of luck to you!!!
  5. Nothing better than reaping the fruits of your labor! Have an AWESOME time, my friend! You totally deserve this. Try to forget about work, it will still be there when you return. If you get a chance in Cozumel, DEFINITELY check out the Mayan Ruins....well worth it!!
  6. This is a technique that should NEVER be used for a Charity box. It would be pointless. Your primary customer base are the customers of the locations you place your charity boxes. Anytime you are dealing with the public, "reminder" notes would be useless. I would think that not only placing your price in plain view (ie.: near your coin slot) but displaying PROMINENTLY your charity that is being sponsored would also indicate that the item's were not free. Also, along with shortage, you should always look at CASH COLLECTED (volume). If you have a high volume account, you can handle a higher shortage percentage. Never discard the value of the cash collected.
  7. Enjoy your Vacation, buddy!! Hopefully you're going someplace warm and sunny with tiny little umbrellas on the drinks!!
  8. I have actually found that "busy cities" can have a higher sales rate than rural areas. Like I mentioned before, 1 in 5 placements is VERY realistic and has been our company average. Are there days where the placement rate is 1 in 8 or higher? ABSOLUTELY! But you can go back into those same areas 6 months later and have a better success rate. We recently had a sales rep go into an area and place 8 trays in about 5 hours, calling on roughly 30-35 businesses. 4 months prior, a rep was in the area and struggled. You just never know what is going to happen, and NEVER "write off" and area as bad or difficult, because circumstances and conditions will change. I think the main point here is don't concern yourself so much with Sales Rate (1 in 5 or whatever), but set goals as to how many sales you want to get each day. My sales reps go out with a target of 8-10 sales each day. Some days they fall short, but most days they are spot on. Some days it takes 8-9 hours to hit the goal and some days, they hit it in 5 hours. Just stay FOCUSED, DETERMINED and let the "no's" roll off your back. Keep moving forward and you will grow.
  9. Going real well. Business seems to be humming right along. Looking to hire a Swing Driver right now (I hate hiring....lol) and possibly another packer. Trying to plan my menu, if the weather ever figures out what it wants to do...LOL. It was 60 and sunny (beautiful) on Saturday and then 25 and snow, rain and crappy yesterday...LOL. Typical Michigan weather. We can have all 4 seasons in a matter of 24 hours.
  10. Excellent Cash Collected!! You have some GREAT volume going on right now. SUPER week, my friend!
  11. The Card Reader is an absolute MUST for this type of account. We had taken over a big sporting goods account from a headhunter, and it was HORRIBLE. After two months, we installed a card reader to see if there would be an affect and it went from a lousy $50/month account to $75-$100 weekly. It is so true that the younger generations do not carry cash. We do almost 90% cashless at this account.
  12. Most of these "Healthy Vending" biz ops are just small vendors who get conned into the whole scheme OR they operate like a "Headhunter" (like Best Vendors) and sell the account, but then find a vending company to take care of the account (paying the Headhunter a HEFTY commission). At least that is what I have run into here in Michigan. As far as getting the account back, we've found that keeping in constant contact with the account and reinforcing in their minds that coming back to us is an option and would love to be back taking care of them. We have won an account or two back this way, but if you wait for them to call, more than likely it won't happen.
  13. Isn't that what it IS...LOL. I swear the label has the first ingredient as Cat urine...lol. It IS some nasty stuff!
  14. I fight tooth and nail to stop these idiots from trying to steal my accounts with this "Healthy Organic" BS. I lost a couple at first, but now we've been able to keep these away. Most of the stuff in the machines can be purchased at Sam's and/or Vistar, and you can easily beat these moron's pricing. Nos, Starbucks, and Boulder Chips....really? Once you get wind that some "healthy expert" in the front office of your account is trying to make a change, go after it! If it is a GREAT account, I would rather lose a little money on some inventory that might not sell, than lose the account. They WILL go back to regular snacks when the employees complain...it almost always happens. I tried to leave on a positive note with the few accounts we lost, thinking that when they get tired of the Healthy Idiot, they'd call me back. But they almost never do, because they need to save "Face". They are too embarrassed to admit that they should never have dropped you in the first place, they end up calling ANOTHER vendor to replace them. These "Healthy Options" vending companies are a PITA. But fight 'em off. We've been able to and I've already had two of these suckers who bought into this "Healthy Options" biz-op want to sell me their equipment....LOL. They don't last long.
  15. Are your talking for Honor Snacks or for the Mint/Lollipop honor boxes. All the Pink Ribbon is for the Honor Snacks is a sticker, which in my opinion looks cheesy. Just my 2 cents.
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