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  1. flintflash

    Reliability of Revision Doors?

    No preference, we just tried an In-One board first is all. We actually get the VE boards now. I'm just used to calling it an In-One board...lol. We are pretty much using the VE versions of both, the doors and boards.
  2. flintflash

    Reliability of Revision Doors?

    We are in the process of adding revision doors (or In-One boards) to all our AP's so that we can add CC readers to them. They update the look of the machine, giving the customer the "comfort" of getting a "new" machine, while WE have the comfort of knowing we are installing one of the most reliable machines made.
  3. flintflash

    Vend Purchase Group

    See my reply on the other inquiry about VPG. They are NOT an affiliate of USG. They are a member! Quite different.
  4. flintflash

    Vend Purchase Group?

    Ok...Let's clear this USG thing up. They are NOT an affiliate or a subsidiary of USG! They are a MEMBER, which is quite different. They pool the small vendors information as their own, process it for rebates (as themselves) and give a flat 2% to the small vendor. They do NOT extend any of the benefits of a USG member to the small vendor, so to claim to be a sub-group is MISLEADING at best. I'd be glad to add someone's VISTAR number to my account and hand them over a measly 2% while I capitalize on manufacturers' rebate programs, but I'm not that shady. Yes! It's an easy way for a small vendor to collect a mini rebate on SOME of their purchases, but if you buy from Vistar, talk to them about putting you in contact with the different manufacturer's reps to see if you would qualify for a rebate on your own. Just my 2 cents. TKK, send me a PM and I'll try to help you with some contacts if I can. Just need to know what part of the country you operate in and which Vistar house you purchase from.
  5. flintflash

    USAT Billing Error

    I, too was double charged, but at the bottom of the summary, it seems to show a credit for the extra charge for each machine. I have to check our bank statement and make sure it shows either the correct withdrawal or the credit amount going back in.
  6. flintflash

    How many no answers do you get vs yes

    I've been in Honor Snacks for my entire vending career, so I don't have much knowledge on the Charity Lollipop/Mint boxes. I do know that you will target different accounts. Where we want small offices, industrial, and stores and want our boxes in the breakrooms, YOU are going to want to target more public spaces, such as restaurants, store counter tops, and such. I'm not sure what you mean by 7/10. Are you saying, placing 7 out of 10 boxes that you go out with? If so, that is such a subjective target. There are too many variables, including time, the number of accounts visited, and effort. You could go out for 3 hours and place 7 and think "well I placed 7 out of 10." Or you can stay out until all 10 are placed. Some days it seems like you can't give your boxes away, and some days the customers are grabbing them out your hands before you even get to the door. Persistence is the key. You will run into plenty of NO's, but it's shaking them off and finding the YES's. When I'm talking about 1 out of 5, I am referring to placing 1 box for every 5 accounts called on (that's an average). You might call on 40 businesses and place 8 boxes (1 out of 5), or call on 40 businesses and place only 5 boxes (1 out of 8). Just keep going though! Starting out, you should be selling everyday. As you build your route, divide your time into route days and selling days (though you should always be selling, even on route days). Best of luck to you!
  7. flintflash

    How many no answers do you get vs yes

    What type of honor box are you placing? Lollipop/mint boxes or Honor Snack trays? I have been doing Honor Snacks for about 25 years and I can tell you that 1 in 5 placed is about average. You are not going to walk into 10 businesses and place 10 snack trays. You will need to hit 40-50 businesses to get 10 snack trays placed. That is something that I "Hammer" into my sales reps heads when I hire them. It's a numbers game, and the more accounts you call on, the better your odds of placing a box. Just be pleasant, always greet the customer with a smile, and introduce your service to them. Be honest, but be brief. Keep your presentation simple. Don't go into long, drawn out explanations on how the honor system works. "We place the box at no charge to you. All we ask is that you put your $1 (or $1.25, whatever your price is) in the coin box for each item that you take." Quick and simple.
  8. flintflash

    Cummins JetWrap 2012 rollers locked up

    Yep. They schedule a time and the guy comes out, checks everything over, cleans it up and repairs anything that needs it. Because we have the maintenance agreement, anything that should go wrong is repaired and/or replaced under warranty, except normal wear items like the sort pad (should be changed after so much usage) and the sort head (which doesn't break, just wears out). I know you are working with a coin roller, but I would imagine they would have the same type of maintenance agreement for all their equipment.
  9. flintflash

    Cummins JetWrap 2012 rollers locked up

    Find your Cummins dealer to do repairs. ALSO, talk to them about a Maintenance program. It is worth the extra money. We have one for our Jetsort coin counter and it covers ALL repairs except for replacing the sort pad and the sort head. I've had sensors replaced, boards replaced, even the sort tray replaced at no cost because it is covered in the maintenance agreement. Definitely worth a look at!
  10. flintflash

    economy-related changes in account income

    I've noticed that our credit card sales have more than doubled in less than a year. We plan on investing in more readers also. I also notice that with the card readers, we are seeing more multi-vends and customers are not shying away from higher price point items.
  11. flintflash


    I can't give away Lipton Brisk up here. We do sell a fair amount of Gold Peak. But by far, I go thru 40-60 cases of Arizona every 2-3 weeks. That's our best seller. Just started with with the Tribe Tea (Push product) and it is OK. However, the Push sodas are slowly increasing each week. With the price point almost half of Coke or Pepsi, It's worth throwing a few columns in your machines. We did a company wide hidden taste test here and my employees preferred Push Orange over Fanta and Crush, and Push Rootbeer over Mug and Barq's. But back to teas, Arizona Rx Energy is our best seller, followed by Gold Peak Sweet Tea.
  12. flintflash

    Route Update (for those who care)

    Alright! You're up and running. So, just a couple of points (and this is just my observations): First, servicing accounts after one week is too soon in my opinion. That would account for your lower volume. Definitely try for a 2 week cycle (minimum) when servicing your accounts. I know many of those were newer accounts and you wanted to hit them sooner for the first service, and that's OK. Just know that the volume will be mediocre at best. Second, any account that cleans out your box and leaves you $2 should be talked to immediately. Gage your course of action based on their response. If they try to pull some money together for you, or have ideas on correcting the problem, go ahead and leave another box and try one more time. If they seem indifferent or have a "not my problem" attitude, then pull it immediately. Shortages are always a tricky thing. YES...it is part of the Honor System and will ALWAYS be a part of the business. You can't eliminate the shortages, only minimize them. Leave notes with return dates and talk to your customers regularly. You are off to a GREAT start! You will have 35 accounts in no time! Keep up the good work!
  13. flintflash

    Route Update (for those who care)

    When filling out your account card, I would grab a business card from the account. Verify that the info on the card is current and then fill out the card yourself in your vehicle before you leave their parking lot. I wouldn't have them fill out the card and I would save the "any snack you'd like to see" conversation for the 2nd or 3rd trip around. Let them enjoy the service for what it is, before you get into "customizing" or "accommodating". Keep it simple to start.
  14. flintflash

    Stacking your boxes

    We have always used sleeves. My sleeves are custom to our boxes, but I would imagine that Sheridan (or Cameron, whomever you use) would sell/provide a sleeve for your snack trays. Sleeves allow you to stack the snack trays and make transporting them (and carrying them) easier. As you grow, you will most definitely want to purchase sleeves. :)
  15. flintflash

    Rural locations and snack accessibility

    Rural locations can be good accounts. We have several routes that are built on a cluster of smaller rural towns. As a general rule (but this is not set in stone), rural accounts tend to have much lower shortage, but also lower volume. Bigger cities tend to have higher volume, but also higher shortage. Now, of course, this doesn't apply to every account, but more like a guideline. Avoid putting on a single account or two in a small rural town, especially if it is out of the way to get to. However, if you live there and start your day there, then by all means, put those accounts on! Just my 2 cents!