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  1. flintflash

    Snack box update

    Another GREAT week, Bryan! Don't sweat the 20% short. Just keep simple notes and don't panic. Your box average is fantastic and more than makes up for the little higher shortage. Finesse the accounts and the shortage will fall in line. NICE JOB!
  2. flintflash

    Snack box update

    Rock solid week, my friend! That is a HUGE box average. How are the sales going? Are you going back through your routes and reselling those territories? Keep up the AWESOME work, buddy!
  3. flintflash

    Vistar Distribution

    We use Vistar. Pricing can vary among the different regions. I know out West, Vistar really sticks it to them with higher pricing because of lack of competition. My big beef with Vistar is they are starting to get a little "Too Big for Their Britches" since they have recently bought out a couple of competitors (Chicago Vendor Supply and Thayer Dist). Their customer service is really starting to slide and they act as though we all NEED them. Fact is, there are still A LOT of great distributors out there and Sam's Club is still pretty competitive as well. Vistar is a decent distributor and they do house a nice assortment of inventory. But you will need to meet a minimum delivery to avoid a delivery fee. It was minimum 35 cases or $500 to get free delivery, but check with your Vistar house to be sure.
  4. flintflash

    New Location Gross Sales Expectation?

    I definitely would not count the PATIENTS in this. You will NOT pick up much volume from them, if any. I mean, do you look for the vending machine when you go to the doctor? Just look at the 40-50 employees (if that is accurate) for your sales. White collar locations are also notorious for OVER estimating their employees, and I believe it is because they know that they are low volume and will not get a vending machine if they tell you that they really have 20-30 employees. If you have the equipment available, it never hurts to try, but I would certainly go in with lower expectations. Just my 2 cents.
  5. If you are looking for the regular 3.5 inch button labels, I have some. Orange, Apple, CranApple Rasp and CranGrape. We only sell the bottles and only out of glassfronts. Send me an address and I'll be glad to send you some.
  6. flintflash

    Contract Question With Large Vending Account

    This seems very sketchy. I don't understand what the purpose of this person being listed on the account when he supposedly gets nothing out of it. You have a contract in place which would continue under your ownership. That gives you plenty of time to prove to the account your reliability and customer service. Something just doesn't seem right with this. You don't need a middle man on the account. I would have your lawyer look into this and I would definitely be wary.
  7. Do you need the long, tall labels or the small (normal) labels? I don't sell juice cans anymore and you can have anything that we might have left. I'll check with my warehouse manager.
  8. flintflash

    How to sell your honor box route

    There is a lot of factors involved: $$ Annual Sales, Gross Profit, number of accounts, inventory costs. Are you purchasing just the accounts or also the boxes and inventory. The problem with purchasing an honor box route is that it is made up of mostly "Blue Sky", a subjective value placed on the company. There are no real tangible assets to give a good concrete value to, so it is mostly predicted off of current sales and potential speculation. Is it Lollipop/Mint honor boxes or the Honor Snack trays. How many accounts does he have and what are his gross sales?
  9. flintflash

    Snack box update

    Happy to be of help, my friend! Feel free to pick my brain anytime....(just don't get any on your fingers....LOL). Keep the GREAT work!
  10. flintflash

    Snack box update

    Another KICK BUTT week for you, my friend! Keep the posts up. I love following your progress and reading about your successes! Keep up the AWESOME work buddy!
  11. flintflash

    New start up

    Welcome to the business and to the forum! Since you are just starting out with a few boxes (5), may I suggest placing the boxes yourself. In all reality, YOU are the best locator for your company. Start by approaching small offices, banks, beauty salons, any business too small for vending. If you are selling Honor Snack tray, then you want to place the box in their breakroom or office, NO PUBLIC areas. Try to stay in a small area of town, say one square mile, and then slowly spread out from there. Place the boxes on a trial basis, and go from there. YOU will be the best representative for your business. Locators are fine when you want to seek some growth, though I still believe in placing the boxes yourself. You can purchase boxes from Sheridan systems and pick up your inventory from a Club Store like Sam's club or Costco. There is much more involved in this business and I would be glad to answer any questions for you, but my FIRST suggestion would be to place your 5 "start-up" boxes yourself. Save the money of paying a locator. You may find out that the honor snack business is not right for you, and there is no need to spend the $$$ on a locator right now. I wish you the BEST of luck and GREAT success!
  12. Hey verdigirl ! What state are you in? I know plenty of operations that have used Harry (Mosevsian) in the past, including us. It's probably been about 12-15 years since we used him last. I do know that he will charge you for air fare if he has to fly out to you (or at least he used to). I can give you more detailed information if you would like. Just PM me. Are you placing Honor Snack trays, honor mint/lollipop boxes, or bulk machines?
  13. flintflash

    Are my prices to high

    Wow! If anything, you're prices are on the LOW side. Up here, Candy is definitely $1, some vendors are pushing $1.15 to 1.25. Your pastries should be at a $1 as well. Even though their cost may be less than a candy bar, your chance of outdates is much higher. You don't want your Gross Profit percentage to be too low, or you will find yourself working much harder at this high volume account to make the same as you would at a "decent" account that is priced correctly.
  14. flintflash

    Snack box update

    LOL....An Honor Snack man's job is never done! We ran Good Friday and Monday.
  15. flintflash

    Snack box update

    Excellent plan! 30 stops is a GREAT target and will net you a fantastic daily cashout, especially with your box average. Nice work, my friend!