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  1. flintflash

    Snack box update

    Still Rockin' and a' Rollin', Bryan! You're posting some really strong numbers. Looks like things are falling into place. GREAT work!
  2. flintflash

    Newest equipment

    Yep, since Pepsico owns Frito-Lay, maybe this is their way of linking the two product lines, make it mandatory to load Frito-Lay & Quaker snacks into their machines. The machine looks like its completely plastic. What a piece of junk!😏
  3. flintflash

    Anderson vending dolly

    We purchased the Lift 'N Roll movers, which are the pair of piano/appliance movers, no tilting involved at all. They lift the machine straight up a few inches and you can maneuver the machine easier than a pallet jack, especially around corners in tight hallways and thru narrow doors. For tilt-moving a machine, we use the Stevens Appliance Dolly. Most solid dolly I've used. The Steprider Lift 'n Roll was $995, and worth every penny, because one man can move and install a machine SAFELY and EASILY!
  4. flintflash

    Anderson vending dolly

    The website I have is steprider.com. This is the copy off my screen: http://web.ivenue.com/steprider/index2.ivnu . Their phone number is 800-515-4292. The "Lift 'n Roll" is what we purchased. We got the 3 wheeled units. Very stable and move smoothly. Awesome products.
  5. flintflash

    Anderson vending dolly

    We have used a Stevens Appliance dolly for year. It has the large wheels that kick-out, and they do so at the base, not the middle of the dolly like those rinky-dink Roughneck dollies. It's very heavy-duty, but not as bulky as the Wesco appliance dolly. One man can handle moving a piece of equipment easily enough, though as always, two make a job a little easier. We even can "stair step" the machine onto a trailer. We took a Pepsi pallet, covered it with 3/4 inch plywood, and used it as a "step" to load the trailer. It was easy. Just tilt the the dolly back, lift the front end, set it on the "step" and lift. Physics did the rest. Tilt back one more time, set front-end on trailer, and Wah-Lah, load onto trailer. NOW....this was with stacker machines and DN3561 dropfronts...NO RVV500, DN5800, or BevMax. We now have a truck and all glassfronts are moved with our new StepRider "Piano/Appliance" movers. Check out the StepRider website, probably one of the BEST pieces of equipment we ever owned for moving machines. Works with ALL machines.
  6. flintflash

    Snack box update

    Another GREAT week, my friend! I noticed that the number of boxes serviced is slowly climbing. By Fall you might just double it! Keep up the good work!
  7. flintflash

    What kind of key is this?

    I you drill straight thru the center of the lock face, it should break apart, allowing the T-handle to pop open and this should not damage your machine at all, just the barrel lock.
  8. flintflash

    What kind of key is this?

    I would just drill it out and put in your own lock. Why search for and buy and oddball key for one machine? Keep your equipment keyed the same . Cost-wise, it will be the same.
  9. flintflash

    Dixie Narco 368R

    $500 is WAY too much for that machine. I'd offer him no more than $100, take it or leave it. First he tells you it's 5 years old, then you can pick up the bulbs at Home Depot. He's either completely ignorant or giving you the "used car sales pitch". I'd test it to make sure it vends each selection ok.
  10. flintflash

    Coke machine drip tray overflows

    Heavy condensation due to humidity can do it. Make sure that there are sponges in the tray.
  11. flintflash

    New start up

    Hey Candyman, sorry I missed this response. I run the Honor Snack trays, and would suggest LSS Chips, candy bars, M&M's, Skittles...etc., sleeve Cookies such as Oreos or Lorna Doones, and some 2 oz. bag cookies like Famous Amos. All of this can be purchased at the club stores like Sam's Club or Costco. Candy should run you no more than 65 cents/unit, while chips should be in the 30-40 cent range. I would start your pricing out at $1.25, since the market is heading that way. I hope this info isn't too late. Good luck to you!
  12. Hey verdigirl! Just curious if you decided to use Harry and how things went? Hope all is well!
  13. flintflash

    Building new Honor and Snack Box Routes

    So here is my problem with placement companies. Even though they are called "pre-placements", until the box is actually placed, they are just in fact "leads", maybe a "confirmed lead". But any yahoo can go through a business listing, jot down the names and addresses of businesses in the area, and send them off to you, claiming that they are "sold" accounts ready for a box. The vendor then shows up and the customer has no idea that a box was coming. Some may still take the box, assuming that maybe the decision was made higher up, and that is what I think companies like Charity Vending are counting on. If I give you enough addresses, you're bound to eventually get your 25 sales to stick. Waste of time and money! Other options, such as Sheridan, may actually call AND secure the location for a box, which is great and what they were paid to do. HOWEVER, the problem is that there is a lag time between the sale of the box to the actual placement of the box, in which the customer can "rethink" their decision and refuse the snack tray OR a different manager is working at the time the snack tray is placed, has no idea it was coming and refuses the placement. Honor Snack Trays MUST be placed at the time they are sold in order for a customer/business to give it a try. That requires either selling accounts yourself or hiring a sales rep. I have ALWAYS had at least one sales rep for the 25 years I have owned my Honor Snack company. Direct sales is really the best (and frankly the ONLY) way to sell new accounts. My suggestion would to be to sell the accounts your self OR hire a sales rep (albeit even temporarily) to place new accounts for your business. It is summer time; college kids are out of school. Why not hire one for the summer to go out and work your market areas and place honor boxes for you. You can refine the sales pitch to meet your company goals/standards and highlight your service process. You can have more control over the type of accounts you are looking for and work just the areas you need to build up. I TOTALLY understand that smaller start-up honor system companies need help with sales, but seriously rethink the "pre-placement leads". Heck, for $12/sale, I could produce a list of accounts to place a box at, and continue sending you names until your quota was met. That's not selling, that's just compiling a list. I'm not here to take anything away from Sheridan, I do believe that they are instrumental in helping small start-ups to get going. I'm just trying to shed some light as to why many struggle with placing boxes at the "pre-placed" locations. Just my two cents.
  14. flintflash

    Free water/Gatorade battle

    That stinks that your business was affected by the water problem. We were fortunate that all of our downtown customers didn't have a water problem, so they did not have water shipped to them. Any of the buildings built after 1957 or were renovated after that, did not have the lead pipes in the building (so the studies say). Being located in the township ( and having a newer building), we were blessed with safe water. I hope the water lines are fixed for your company soon, my friend.
  15. flintflash

    Building new Honor and Snack Box Routes

    Just curious, but what does charityvending and Sheridan systems charge for an account/placement or do they charge you for the lead?