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  1. This is a late response, but we are still hanging in there. STRUGGLING, but still hanging in there. Loss of accounts and lower volume is the biggest hurdle. And we're in MICHIGAN! (Our governor is an idiot, but that's a whole story in itself). Most small business seems to be back at it, but it's the chain businesses (banks, chain salons, insurance co, etc.) that seem to have the corporate edicts that won't either allow snacks and coffee, or won't let us in the building. Other than that, most people are ready to get back to some sort of normalcy. Things NEED to open up and everyone needs to get back to work. Hope everyone is doing alright.
  2. Several years ago, the government required businesses to have these on file. Most larger companies request them from everyone they do business with to cover their behinds. Most will never use it or even look at it, just keep it on file. As Angry Chris stated, there is no harm in providing this; it's just your business name and address and Tax Id # (FEIN). All common knowledge info. We get requests all the time. We have one filled out on hand to email on request.
  3. Hey Bryan! Glad to see you are still alive and kicking! Hopefully business is picking up in your neck of the woods. We are holding our own. Usage is still down and most of our hair salons wanted to be pulled because they are encouraged to not have coffee, snacks or anything available for their customers/employees (our governor is an idiot). We have been able to sell and put on new accounts, believe it or not, but we strictly try to target rural areas or heavy industrial. They seem to be much more receptive. I hope all is going well for you, my friend! I look forward to seeing your updates, and remember to Keep On Keeping ON!
  4. If you are small enough that you are still purchasing your pop from Sam's Club, then "negotiating" prices with the bottlers is not going to happen. They do have "slightly" better price brackets for increased volume and rebate programs that you could possibly qualify to participate, but unless you are doing SUBSTANTIAL volume, like a Canteen franchise (several pallets of product weekly), you will not be negotiating anything. They will tell you what your price is and that will be that. Don't expect some great pricing either.
  5. We are hanging in there. Hoping the money from the SBA loans gets here soon. Boxes have been left at the locations to preserve the account. We did not want to remove the boxes and risk losing the account when we went to place them back in. better to have the box there and resume service than trying to replace the account. I'm sure we will have a TON of outdates, but we will cross that bridge when we get back. We have plans in place to increase inventory to cover the out-dates, and working with manufacturers for some help. Crazy times!
  6. AngryChris is correct. They are adding "self-employed" individuals to apply for the SBA loans along with allowing "self-employed" to apply for unemployment. I don't know if that is a State issued thing or not, but I am sure self-employed can file for unemployment. As Chris suggests, inquiry with your accountant or your banker. Both have been a HUGE help for me. Best of luck buddy! We WILL get thru this!
  7. Wow! That's AWESOME my friend! I am so glad you are able to continue with your routes and still have great volume. Well Done! We are closed for now. Hoping to bring all my employees back soon to continue moving forward. This is such a crazy time! Best of luck to you, buddy!
  8. I believe that some of the small businesses are "laying off" employees so that they can receive unemployment during this time. I know in Michigan, this will not be counted against the employer (counted toward a business's mod number for unemployment tax), so for small businesses that are shutting down for the virus, they are able to do this for their employees.
  9. Another EXCELLENT week, Bryan! Well Done! I still haven't fond out much on the accounting programs. I will keep looking for you though.
  10. In our region, Body Armor IS a Coke item. They have even added it as a category in our rebate program.
  11. I've talked to our Sam's store manager before about this when I see certain candy/snacks disappear. Each store is only allowed a certain number of SKU's. When they get inundated with a bunch of new items, they have to eliminate somewhere. Generally they try to swap SKU's within the same department, but certain areas (like the candy aisle) have many of SKU's of the same item, just different pack size. Ex.: M&M Peanut. They may have Vend size, King size, bulk bags, fund-raising packs, variety packs, and so one. When they need to eliminate, they tend to look at some of the more obscure items (Mounds, Chuckles, new flavored candy ie: Mint Kit Kat, etc). Talk to your store manager about items that you want. If you have a good relationship with them, they may make adjustments elsewhere to keep an item you might purchase regularly. Most times, it's just a guessing game for them, OR corporate makes suggestions. We sell A LOT of Chuckles (particularly in the summer months). When our store eliminated them for some new candy items, I talked to them about bringing them back and suggested to them some of the duplicate items they may want to consider. They were very appreciative and receptive to the feedback. Needless to say, I can purchase Chuckles all year round now.
  12. AZ is 100% correct. This is a STUPID conversation. This is a VENDING forum for folks in the VENDING industry to give and receive advise on proper or preferred methods of running their vending business. This is NOT a BRAGGING site for old weight-lifters or a puzzle site on how to cram whatever-heavy-thing into a small space. The question is NOT "Can it be done ?" but "SHOULD it be done?" and the answer is NO! Just because a vending machine "might" be able to fit in a minivan on it's side does NOT mean it SHOULD be transported that way. (By the way, while you were brainstorming how to get it in there, you certainly were not thinking about how to get it OUT). Your suggestions, while slightly entertaining, are doing a HUGE DISSERVICE to those who come to this website and seek advise on the PROPER equipment and methods for moving equipment. The original thread was an inquiry about the proper/preferred equipment dolly that various vendors use. Your goofy diagram and suggestions are not realistic for most in this industry and could cause someone a serious injury. Let's leave the "pissing contest" for the Golpher Page or go visit Lunkheads_R_Us.com. Just my 2 cents!
  13. I'm assuming that you have Trademark permission and are a registered and licensed Charitable Representative for Candy for a Cure in order to make your own boxes to sell on Ebay.
  14. I've had bottler machines sawed in half, stolen and dumped on the side of the road, and lost in a fire. They don't come back on you because it's a "cost of doing business". Most of their equipment gets written off the books(depreciated) quickly, so they just eat it. As far as getting insurance for the equipment, realistically it doesn't make economical sense. We used to have insurance on our equipment for damage; covered up to $5000 per location (if there were multiple units placed), but after a few years I dropped it. Situations like this where you lose your equipment to a fire or some severe situation is pretty rare. The amount of money that you will pay annually for the policy will end up being more than if you just by the replacement machine. Unless you are in an area where your equipment is getting damaged on a regular basis and/or stolen, economically it just doesn't make sense. It's good in theory, but really, your looking at $1000-$2000 to by a decent used machine to replace this one. Take the loss and move forward. I would seriously think about this account though, if fires are a habitual thing with them. Maybe do as some of the others have mentioned and have them add you as an "Additionally Insured" on there insurance policy. That's pretty common practice. Good luck with the situation. You may catch a break and have your equipment listed in the "Damage" and recoup some of your losses from their insurance company, but I wouldn't press hard on the issue if you are planning on keeping the account. I have had losses covered in the past (as a pleasant surprise), but we never demanded compensation from our accounts.
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