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501E DN T-Handle Lock Assembly (Wife Broke it) - Help!!


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So, I have been working around 65 hours a week for the past three months and my wife ran my route to be sweet but got confused on which way to turn the handle to unlock it. (Don't judge lol)

She turned it so hard that someone had to actually come out and turn it back for for her to get it unlocked.


So now the door isn't sucking all the way up to the machine. It will lock, but def could go in another inch or inch and a half.


Does anyone know what might be going on?


I went ahead about bought an entire new T-Handle lock. Are they hard to change out.

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Not to hard at all.  Just c-clips, springs and washers. 

When you pull open the door, look at where the t-handle goes through the cage.  Take a picture of the order of the clip, washers and springs so you know how it goes together, pull it apart (taking pictures with your phone at different steps to remember the order) and put the new handle in using the same order.  Chances are your c-clips came loose and need to be replaced or repositioned.  You'll see little grooves in the shaft of the t-handle that the c-clips fit in.


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