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Eagle Vending machine key blank code

Zigzag Vending

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Does anyone here know what the key blank code is for the Eagle machine locks and keys? they are similar to a NW lock but are a little bigger or something. Ive got a new machine that i would like to get picked and keyed for the locks instead of drilling them, but the locksmith is having trouble finding the correct key blank. He uses ilco and fort keys. I did find a Silca AW4 on ebay that looks like the correct blank, but my locksmith can't get those, and the seller is wanting a premium for it. What would be the ilco or fort equivalent? https://www.ebay.com/itm/EAGLE-Gumball-Machine-Key-Blank-Vending-Coin-Operated-Arcade-Keyblank-/141408703905

Also, does anybody have a few extra B152E keys for Eagle locks? I'm needing around 8 keys to put with these locks so i can sell them with unwanted machines. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vending-Machine-Capsule-Toy-Parts-Eagle-Lock-Key-Code-B152E-Gumball-Machine/253418839408?hash=item3b00f09d70:g:yCcAAOSwLjxaff0u

Thanks in Advance!


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