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Jimbo Revenue


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Monthly Averages by machine type:

singles 17 per mo.

triples 12 per mo. (Ive got dead weight)

doubles 21 per mo.

u turn 4- 19 per mo.

u turn 8- 28 per mo.

Overall avg. is $23.50 per month per machine (doubles count as 1)


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Geez.........I would be SO happy if I could have my singles average $17 per head Jimbo!  Way to go brotha.

Half my route does $16/mo or better.  They are all single-head gumballs.  What are you selling in your singles?  Maybe you should try going with gum instead of candy.
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Can someone explain this to me? I don't understand how a location would produce more revenue off of only one selection of candy instead of 3.  Or are you saying you're making more per head when you switch to a single?

Here are a couple of threads explaining the theory behind it. Be advised though that I have recently admitted that I failed miserably at this experiment. :D




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Its been awhile, I have pulled all triples and uturns I had out. Here is my current averages.

Commission: 6 week cycle

Racks (6ways) 203 gross 81 net

Flat (4 & 8 col) 98 gross 53 net

Cranes 397 gross 152 net

Interactive 105 gross 52 net

Charity: 4 week cycle

Doubles 24 gross 18 net

Singles 15 gross 13 net

Interactive (small) 48 gross 37 net


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