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What is realistic when you are new

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This question comes up now and then. Yesterday we heard it twice. We believe it is best to start your new vending business by buying a small route for sale in your area.  Some of the advantages would be

1)  Having someone to answer your questions

2) Having someone wanting you to succeed

3) Learning the equipment by having a expert in your pocket

4) Learning how to read accounts 

5) Counting cars in the parking lot is not your best bet

6) Learning the local price zones based on the type of equipment you have offered

"Newer equipment brings in a little higher prices"

7) Yes you can charge anything you want on your products, you own the business.  Of course,

as you lose those accounts to telemarkets offering more realistic local pricing you will be a little

more business like in the future.   Pricing is easier for your customers to take if you explain a recent 

price hike by a bottler or candy supplier.  If you are going to do it, do it to all with the same notice.  A two week noitce or a month/

Read the free information offered by NAMA (National Automatic Merchandising Assoc,)  Get a free 

subscription to Automatic Merchandising (either direct to your home via print copy or on line to your email.

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